Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

This is suppose to be wordless but please let me explain...
I had a tummy ache and couldn't help it..LOL
I squeezed my butt cheeks together as much as I could but it slipped...
I didn't have a chance to just casually walk upstairs to pretend I had to check on a sleeping baby no, I silently farted
tooted. It wasn't that bad but leave it to my sister who had to make a scene with gagging reflexes and all....soon everyone at the party knew...
I couldn't even blame the smell on my husband or a kid this time...LOL

How lady like of me:)

Creation Museum

This is a good video for even the kids to see. Now, go get them and sit them on your lap and watch..I'll wait...
(or like me and have two on your lap one on your shoulders and two standing beside you..you know...hanging like monkeys all over me)
make sure you turn off my other music down below:)

We all love this song but to see it with pictures is just a small reminder of how AWESOME our creator is!
Being a homeschool mom has caused me to become very interested in science and history. My wardobe is suffering because I have spent all extra money I get on books. I am an offical book nerd! But that's ok!!! I want to have solid evidence and teach my kids solid evidence on why they beleive what they believe and not just because that's what mommy and daddy believe. They need to know this in today's world.
This is why I am so excited...
Austin and I will be flying to Kentucy to visit Ken Hams Creation Museum in Aug. Just the two of us. My husband will stay home and watch the kids while Austin and I study and just hang out one on one... I can't wait!
This is what he wants for his 10th bday *hint *hint to grandparents(I am setting up a fund) haha.. He is even passing up 5th grade camp for this.
Has anyone been to this museum or lives near it can give us some travel tips????
Now go enjoy this beautiful day that the LORD HAS MADE!

Just Another Summer Day....

I want to start out this post by saying HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO AVEN JACE!!!!!!!!! We all love you so much!
Also, Finley is 11 months old today and has finally cut two teeth.

A couple days ago we went to my grandma's house (which she lives in a senior community) My grandma wanted to show the kids off to some of her friends.

A simple visit makes their day:)

Finley sat on this ladies lap for an hour just playing with her pearls.

While Landen gave most of them heart attacks....

Farrah ate PB&J and just stuck her toes in the water...

The older ones played a good game of mini golf......

and I just relaxed and caught up on some reading...
and the winner is......

I went to random.org and punched in 20 and the #1 came up! I don't play favorites no matter how bad my sister begs me to cheat haha... but the winner just happens to be Finley's future mother-in-law Karissa:)Congrats..I'll drop it by:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day At The Beach.......

I may have to load up a lot of stuff and unload a lot of stuff........

But nothing beats a day at the beach......

nana came with us and treated us to strips and ice cream:)

Farrah checking out the life-guard

Finley enjoyed crawling around in the sand and eating it for lunch...

It was such a beautiful day and actually very relaxing for me. I love watching the kids play hard then take long naps after!!!

And when you look this cute in a bikini and you know it....

you gotta strut your stuff....

and shake your booty like no ones watching....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seriously Mom......

do you really have to put this many ponytails and bows in my hair?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Little Seat Giveaway!

Today Finley had her 10 month check up. She will be 11 months on the 30th. She is my smallest baby so far. She is weighing in at only 17lbs 4oz she has tons of rolls but is very petite. I think Farrah weighed 17lbs at 3 months haha.

yes, I am wearing my bathing suit at the doctors...that's what happens when you lose track of time while swimming in the backyard with the kids!
I just had to throw up my hair and load up the kids wet suits and all. It's summer right?

Then look what I found at Target!
It's called "my little seat"
I love it and so does Finely!

(taken with phone)

She just doesn't like the 5 point harness... so I leave her unbuckled and she can't go anywhere. The harness is good for smaller babies that need help holding themselves up. The seat is good for 6mo-35lbs

she sat in it for a good hour eating cheerios and playing. It fits in a really cute little bag so it's good for on the go and restaurants. Very easy to set up and machine washable.
I think it's well worth it for only $19.99.
But I'm going to be giving one away!!!!!!!!
For you!
All you have to do is leave a comment saying if you want one for a boy or girl. Then
tell me what are some of your, "My child will never..." and then broke them????
Read on.....

The kids and I have been enjoying some summer fun so I thought I'd post some old posts because I'm lazy and don't have time just for fun:) I wrote this last year......
Never say never! As the saying goes, if I had a dollar... well let's just say For every "(My child will never)......." comment I have made and then broken I'd be rich!

I am starting to realize that every child is different and you never know what you will result to just to survive the day. For example my two older children were easy going and well behaved. Now my third well let's just say I often wonder what God has in store for such a strong willed child.
I sometimes think Landen is a payback... an excruciating, unforgiving and perhaps deserved payback for my mothering judgments. HA..I love him but ahhhh! I pray all the time, " God I learned my lesson, I will not judge again. Now please let Landen behave!" A lot of my self-righteous opinions began well before my first child was born. I was a young naive mom who didn't have a clue. I was the mom who's child was going to wear name brand clothes eat homemade organic food, always be neat and clean and use their manners. After having Austin and Faith I waited 4yrs before having Landen. I always thought motherhood was easy and how could mom's let their kids act like that or go out of the house looking like that. Well, that was until my sweet Landen was born. I will try to NEVER judge a mom for how they raise they kids again!
Here are some of My child will never.....

My child will never be seen in public in just a diaper........ until of course they pooped up their back and I had no more change of clothes in my diaper bag.

My child will never have a crusty nose... died after Faith had such a bad cold and runny nose that it just kept running and running. Who can further torture their child and their raw red nose with the constant wiping?

My child will never be the kid who bites other kids in Sunday school....now I get paged out of church almost every Sunday and have to carry hot sauce in my diaper bag to squirt in Landen's mouth.

My child will never eat pizza, french fries, sweets etc...... HA! what was I thinking??? My 11 month old eats just about all of that.

My child will never eat in the car..........Well anyone who has seen the inside of my car knows this rule was broken. In order to keep my sanity while driving they do eat in the car!

My CAR will never smell......Until I realized how easy it is to forget about the bottle left under the seat or opps mommy I spilled my vanilla steamer.

My child will never wear cartoon shirts, shoes etc....... after number three, you don't care as long as they are dressed.

My child will never be homeschooled... Look at me know, I love it so much I blog about it:)

My child will never watch t.v. for hours a day......now, it's go ahead honey watch animal planet for the 3rd hour in a row! Your learning right?? Somedays mom needs a break with free babysitting.

My child will never wear a leash........ Now I love my leash it has saved my two year old from getting hit by cars many times. Try chasing him pregnant with a 10 month old in your arms.

My child will never get yelled at by me in public......now I just scream, "Knock it off now or I will pull down your pants right here and spank you and I don't care who's watching!"

My child will never scream in public like that......now he not only screams but is on the floor screaming and kicking.

My child will never use a pacifier.... now I use the pacifier after it fell on the floor.

My child will never have a messy room....as long as the rest of the house looks somewhat in order who cares what their rooms look like. Let them have fun and play.

This are just a couple of the one's I can think of. Now that my sister is about to have her first baby I strongly warn her not to be judgmental of me or other mom's because she just might have a sweet baby boy just like Landen:)

Call me crazy, but I'd rather raise my kids in a happy, loving household with Dora on the tv and Cheerios on the dinner table than to have them grow up in the presence of an uptight, judgmental mom with her constant eye rolling and shoulders up to her ears.
I am doing the best I can as a mom and I love my children everyday!
Now,what are some of your, "My child will never..." and then broke them???? I'd like to hear.

I would never wear my bathing suit to take my baby to see her pediatrician and bring 5 kids wearing wet bathing suits. No, I would have my kids all well dressed in dry clothes at least. Ha! Being a mom, I've learned you will NEVER know what the day holds just go with the flow and have fun with it!!!!!!

Now what were your "My child will never..." ???? and then broke them????? I'll pick a winner on Monday night.

Tune In TONIGHT!!!!!!

If you missed it you can log onto http://live.creationmuseum.org/ tomorrow!
If you tried to view it and couldn't they had over 70,000 viewers. It will be more clear tomorrow..It's a must!
Whatever your doing stop and tune in tonight!!!!!!!!!!!If you have never heard Ken Ham speak now's your chance. He's awesome. Ken Ham for president!ha

The Collapse of Christian America—Live Webcast from the Creation Museum!

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, will present powerful new research as part of their first-ever live video webcast addressing the current spiritual state of our nation. Find out the reasons behind the collapse of Christianity in the Western world, then participate in a live chat with Britt Beemer, founder of America’s Research Group, and Ken following the webcast. They are the co-authors of the new eye-opening book Already Gone.

America has more Christian resources and Bible colleges than ever in its history, yet the nation is on a spiritual downward spiral. What has happened? Why is the church not reaching the culture today as it has in the past? Get the full report Tonight! 8:00 p.m. EDT/ 6:30 CDT/ 5:00pm Pacific Time as Ken, in his dynamic style, recounts the secularization of American culture and explains why we are losing generations from the church—why, in fact, they are already gone!

Visit: www.afa.net or listen in on the American Family Radio Talk network at afr.net, or OneNewsNow.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slow Fade.....

Casting Crowns is one of my favorite bands because their music is just stock full of content and powerful messages. Casting Crown’s song “Slow Fade” (which I have playing) talks about how mistakes, regrets, wrongs, sins don’t occur all at once or in a single day. It is gradual. It is based on small decisions we make day to day. The little compromises we make. We find ourselves often having done something or at some place we didn’t expect to be, not because we woke up one morning choosing to do something, but rather little by little our daily choices and decisions led us there.

Gen 1:1.......

Saturday we headed up to Arrowhead Mountains to visit the Mountain Skies Astronomy Village Observatory and Science Center.
First we stopped off for some fun at the village

Then we headed to the lake for an early dinner.

We ate at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Lake and it just so happen that Ziggy Marley was there playing live. I love Reggae so that was nice, but then after awhile It brought quite the crowd...so we left.

The kids were really excited to look through the big telescope but unfortunately it was very foggy:(

We listened to a lecture....which was very interesting and the kids learned a lot....

but when they started talking about the "big bang" and having life on other planets my kids were shooting me the "look" and I would turn to them and blurt out Gen 1:1 haha...we could only take so much of that non-sense and if I had to hear that the world is a billion years old one more time, I was gonna scream...so we left. Plus being that it was 10pm and we couldn't see a thing (the fog was so thick) we headed down the hill trying to keep our eyes on the faded yellow line in front of us. The kids all thought they were going to die.

So this week the kids and I are studying an awesome book by Jason Lisle called Taking Back Astronomy. "the heavens declare creation and sciecne confirms it" It's an amazing book! Science textbooks that I read when I was in school are so different than textbooks kids are reading in school today. Science is always changing but yet the bible has never changed but has never been wrong. It's a history book which has demonstrated its accuracy time and time again. For example the bible has always said the earth is round...did you know that? I love that I can teach my children from science books that I pick. Sitting in that classroom I can see how children can be so confused. If you raise them to know God but then send them to school to learn about things such as the big bang and evolution. We are going to be studying from these books. and these books
I plan to use MFW as my base curriculum but I want to be able to mix and match to what my children show interest in. We are very into creation vs. evolution so I believe AIG will be great for us and will sow the seeds of love and respect for Jesus the Creator. I think us christian parents need to start our kids science education early—before evolution-laced secular media claims more hearts by creating distrust of the Bible and disbelief in God.
I plan to blend many different curriculum's together. I'm feeling a bit more brave this year haha...I'm so excited to shop for all our new books for next year!
Now I better go finish up that banana cream pie from Marie Calendars because my kids need the tin can to help them catch micrometeorites and I can't let them down now can I?

School Pictures and SATS

Austin's 3rd grade picture:
He gets so nervous while taking school pictures. I mean come on I take a million pictures of my kids a day. The camera should be second nature to them. For some reason he stiffens up and does these weird smiles :). Also, he thought that the top button of his shirt should be buttoned he thinks it makes him look more sophisticated...LOL

And Faith's 1st grade picture complete with the Paris(which she has no idea who Paris is LOL) head tilt and all..She's a natural..haha!


Look how much they have changed...
big 4th grader
This year he smiled and showed his teeth braces and all:)

2nd grader...
got into mom's closet and wore my belt:) she got to wear dangle earings (this is big) she even rolled her own hair with hot rollers that day....

The both look like they have to go pee really bad......so no grandma's I didn't order you any sorry:(
Don't ask my why the photographer had them place their hands in their lap like that then make that face like they gotta go really bad.....oh, well!
Or maybe it was the fact that their pictures were taken the week of SAT testing???Maybe that's why they looked so stressed out and nervous???

Speaking of SAT's I just got them back and I have one word HALLELUJAH!
We did it!

For the grandparents:

Austin 4th grade:
Reading: 6th grade level
Study Skills: 6.5 grade level
Vocabulary:6.3 grade level
reading comp:5.0 grade level
Math:6.0 grade level
Math proplems: 6.8 grade level
Math procedures:5.9
Language: 6.8 grade level
lang mechanics: 7.6 grade level
Lang expression:6.4 grade level
science:8.9 grade level
social science:8.5
thinking skills: 7.0
basic battery: 6.5
complete battery 6.4
Bible: Advanced...exceptional mastery of biblical facts and principles with a strong understanding of how to apply them:)

Faith 2nd grade:
reading: 3.3
world study skills 3.9
reading comp:5.0
problem solving:3.8
math procedures:2.9
listening:1.7..........ummm...I think she has a listening problem!
basic battery:3.9
complete battery:3.9
Bible:Proficient: solid mastery of biblical facts and principles with a firm understanding of how to apply them:)
I'm happy to see they each scored way above grade level...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why I Had Kids......

ok, maybe not....

I had kids because of this......

and this.....

and this..I'm so in love with her:)

and for silly faces like this....

and for dressing chunky little babies like this......

and to run around and take pictures of them because they are growing too fast and I just love them:)

and this has nothing to do with this post but you know me and my garden....look at what I picked and then made for dinner Friday night:)