Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keepin' Them Busy!

Being in the last few weeks of pregnancy it always seems to go by soooooooo sloooow! Then once the baby arrives time flies! Why is that? I'm really trying to enjoy these last weeks. My energy level is so low. I'm not one to sit around but my body is telling me to. Having 5 busy kids that don't understand Mom just laying around doesn't help. I've been trying to plan little activities to keep them busy.

Every summer we have a lemonade sale. It's one of their favorite things to do. We have made it a tradition every summer. Here are some lemonade sales in the past. (look how little they were) We usually have it only one day for a couple hours. This summer the kids did so well the first day they begged me to let them set up a second day.

Austin and Faith made the little stand out of left over pvc pipe in the garage and an old table cloth I had. They borrowed some things from my kitchen to make the table look pretty:)

Austin was the manager, Faith was in charge of marketing (making things look pretty) Landen the professional sign twirler, Farrah the dancer, and Finley the taste tester:) Mommy the photographer and heath inspector:)

Before they could even get all set up they had cars pulling up....

business was booming! I guess it helps if the sign twirlers are cute:)

I parked on the side of the street with the air on. Finley was sleeping so I just watched from the car and took pictures.

They are pros at it now...

I did keep a close eye on them but started to get nervous when they got really busy and Landen was walking up to cars...

I woke Finley up and we walked to be closer to the kids. Even though my kids know to be safe, these days you just have to be careful.

Finley enjoyed tasting the lemonade more than she did trying to sell it:)

such a business man:)

Finely decided to join in, I think she wanted to have her fair share of the days profits.

The kids were asking 25cents per cup but people were paying up to $5.00 a cup! Must of been good lemonade they made. ha!
After about 2 hours Farrah needed a she laid down and took one. ha!

Some stopped and got out of their cars, some wanted curb side service and others just waved as they drove by.

The kids soon ran out of lemonade and cups and had to close down their stand. I was about to close it down as their health inspector after seeing the way they handled some of the cups. ha! I was surprised to see people actually drinking the lemonade. I think it's cute but would never really drink lemonade from a kids stand. Sad but true. We talked about making sure they kept their hands clean and to use a cup not their hands to fill the cups with ice:)

The second day they were just as busy.

The served over 50 cups.

Even the fire department showed up.

The kids counted their money at the end of 2 days of working...

Paid Mom back for costs on products, figured out profit and split it up with all the employees:)

Now they will give some, save some and spend some. Something I'm trying to teach them. Something I'm trying to teach myself:) ha!

Daddy has been working long hours this summer so by the end of the day I am beat (and so is he)

He still finds time to play with them and give me some peace and quiet:)

Even if it's just taking them outside and having them roll around on the grass! haha!

Well, I better get dinner going.......

or maybe I can get my big money makers to treat their tired parents out to dinner;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend With The Little Ones

The big kids had a blast at camp. They came home telling me how they ate meal worms and drank oreo, corn, ravioli, chili and (I forget what else)..shakes. ew! I gave them each throw away cameras to take. Can't wait to see what pictures are on those...haha

They had a blast! It took them a good couple days to recover:)

While they were gone we just had the 3 little ones and enjoyed doing fun things with them....

Saturday, I found some card board boxes in the garage and pulled some construction paper from the school room .....

traced some things for the kids to cut out....

Then helped them tape them on their boxes......

It's amazing how happy the kids were with just some paper, boxes and Mom's attempt to copy a picture of the Cars movie....

Daddy did screw in little steering wheels (made out of plastic lids) for them.

Then we told them to get their PJ's on and get their cars ready....

on our way to see Cars2 at the drive-in....

My 3 little ones had a blast!!!!

watching the movie in their own cars!:)

I could of used bigger boxes but this is all we had in the garage;)

A fun memory!

Well I'm at 35 weeks and am so uunnnnnnncomfortable! I don't know how I did this 6 times?! More than that how my husband put up with me pregnant 6 times! ha!

The Ryan household is getting excited to meet Fallon.

Everything is ready to go...

I think Finley is ready to become a big sister!
these are some pictures I took of Finely helping me wash and put away all the baby clothes....

she loves to come up and kiss my belly and say,"I love Fallon!"

Sunday, July 10, 2011

cylis birth

We celebrated Father's Day by taking Daddy out shooting...

then went on a hike and bike ride.

I think my family forgets I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant!

Then we finished with the kids and I making Daddy a nice dinner and some yummy peach cobbler:)

Father's day was bittersweet this year as I haven't seen my own Dad much this year but was happy to celebrate it with my husband who will be a new Daddy again!

We have been enjoying our summer days. It feels so good to wake up and know we don't have our normal school schedule we can just play and be free.....

We got season passes to a near by waterpark. It's been nice to take the kids there once or twice a week and cool off. The big kids go on the waterslides while the younger ones play in the kiddie pool right in front of the lounge chairs. I lay there sipping my ice tea and every once in awhile will dip in to cool off. I know my time of relaxing is coming to an end!

The weekends have been filled with birthday parties..

In the last 2 weeks we have attended 11 birthday parties between all the kids:)

My poor unsocial children. ha!

All but 2 of the cousins have birthdays in the summer too. So it makes for tons of birthday fun.

Just think next year we will have a big 1st birthday to celebrate too:)

I say we just have one big carnival birthday next year!

My brothers son Cylis turned 4...

Here's some pics from his party...

all the cousins!

Austin is the oldest and the one to break open spiderman!

Here's a short video of the girls diggin' Cylis's new ride!

4th of July!

We played water volleyball.

My sister Brianna her husband John,

Justin and I were all on one team.

My other sister Brenda and her husband Scott were on a team with my brother Brad and his girlfriend Jamie.

We had a blast!

We throw the kids in the jacuzzi peecuzzi as my brother calls it. ha!

While the parents play. Good times!

My team won! My brother hates to loose and we kept teasing him that he lost to a girl, a very pregnant girl:)

Every year my Grandparents senior park holds a 4th of July parade. I think "we" are the parade!

Farrah loves her Uncle Brad

After the parade, swimming and beating my brother in volleyball just our family went to go watch fireworks at Redlands University. Best show I've seen.

My pictures are all out of order, but here is the loosing team. Scott my brother-in-law. Who is about to become a Dad soon. Him and my sister are in the process of adopting:)

I'm so excited for them!Let Freedom Ring with ring pops:)

The parade.

That's my Grandma in the fancy golf cart she's in charge of the Muncheon Luncheon, my kids and all the cousins, then my Grandpa in the far back driving. He's in charge of the Recycle Club haha!

Aren't they cute!

They love showing off all their great grand children!

Here's the kids at the 9pm firework show. I think I was sleeping when Daddy took this...I was beat!

My Grandpa! We are so close and I love our talks!!!!!

watching the fireworks just before the sprinklers came on!

my star child:)

I think we went a little crazy with the paint this year!

Maggie is always in the parade too and so is this hot Granny! haha!

This was Sunday night dinner. I did a 4th of July theme.

Here is Daddy making red white a blue drinks for the kids.

We read books about the 4th of July and why we celebrate it. It was so neat to hear the kids say, "we've been to Independance Hall."

They learned so much history on our trip and I'm surprised at how much they remember. Even the little ones:)

Dancing after the parade....they told us they are going to get married when they grow up!

I love this picture above. This sweet man came up to Farrah and asked her to dance. He twirled her around and she just loved it!

then went back to dancing with her future husband.

Our Sunday night dinner....Daddy reading a story to our young patriots:)

The kids and I made this for our Sunday night dinner....

more parade pictures....

note to self:

hide all markers before Fallon arrives.

his request:

I hope your all enjoying your summer as much as we are!