Friday, August 10, 2012

Just need to sit down, relax and unwind...

Thank the Lord it's Friday and my house is clean...for a minute! My bathtubs will soon have a heavy ring of brown around them again after the boys get home from football practice.  Football season is in full swing as we have both boys playing and the two older girls cheering. The boys just made it through hell week and the draft for the teams were yesterday.

I just found out that Austin's instructor at his flight school and a fellow student crashed this morning. They are both ok but thanking the Lord Austin didn't schedule his flight this morning after all. I'm still shaking as I type. Austin says I'm overreacting and went online to schedule his next flight for Monday. I'm not sure I like this but he said, "Mom, why are you so afraid if you really trust the Lord and know where your going anyway." Then he seriously quoted Stonewall Jackson to me...“My religious beliefs teach me to feel as safe in battle air as in bed. God has fixed the time of my death. I do not concern myself with that, but to be always ready whenever it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and all men would be equally brave.”  Stonewall Jackson. Ugh, he's right but still for this mama it's hard! Between football and flying, I'm a nervous wreck! I'm really trying to talk him into golf or tennis. I've been having him watch  swimming in the Olympics and trying to encourage him in that..nope not my child:( If he wasn't playing football or flying, I'm sure he would be street luging or bull riding. Actually, he's really into reptiles. He started his own business called, "Creation Creatures" he has many different reptiles and loves to do shows for preschools or birthday parties. In fact my sweet house cleaner Maria about freaked out today because his Iguana was loose and jumped at her. Poor thing, she hates cleaning the boys room as the tarantula and snake along with other creatures are in there. Poor Maria!

  It's been a busy 2 weeks since I last blogged. We celebrated Finley's 4th birthday. Austin turned the kitchen into an enchanted forest and Snow White even showed up. The cake that the birthday girl requested didn't turn out like I had planned but I tried and Finley was happy I  made her cake:) I'll post pictures of the party later.

I heard Farrah and Finley talking the other night about who their best friends are.
Finley said, "Fawah who's your best friend?" Farrah said, "Jesus, because he died for me." Then Finley said so sweet , "Oh, Grandma Arta is mine because she died for me." I couldn't help but just want to go in there and hug them both! Grandma Arta passed away a few months ago. It was hard on us but really hard on the kids as this was the first death in the family where they were old enough to remember.

My husband was able to get my sisters and I 2nd row tickets to see Wynonna. Growing up my sisters and I would sing the Judd's. Wynonna has been my favorite singer since I was a little girl. I love her deep masculine power in her voice, yet it's so feminine at the same time. Brought back great memories for us girls♥ and we're even more convinced she's Elvis' daughter;)My sisters and I don't always get along  but there is something that will always bring us together and that is some Wynonna and babies! My sister, Brianna announced she is having baby #3. I am so excited for her!
We had so much fun together! We really needed that!

I don't have much time tonight to post any pictures but I wanted to get on and just give a little update. Also to announce the winner for the Indoctrination movie. Congrats  JustSimplyLive please email me your info so I can have Jen over at Mommy Evangelism get that right out to you. It's a movie full of information that I would love everyone to at least check out. With all the back to school I must say I get a little mommy guilt. I have for the last 6 years then it goes away. I start thinking if I'm doing the right thing and if my kids are missing out. Farrah will be starting K this year and is my social one. She loves making friends. I was thinking the other day poor Farrah won't make her first day of Kinder like all her little friends but it didn't last long when she tells me she's glad I'm her teacher. This time is so short and I'm glad I can spend it with her. I know that I will do all I can to raise her the way the Lord would have me and to make sure she has the best childhood ever:) I will have no regrets and either will she. I decided to take the kids not  back to school shopping and throw a not back to school party. Why shouldn't we make it special too?!Celebrate the fact that we get to make our own schedules and sleep in if we choose:) I loved this post about back to school from one of my favorite blogs. Kelly over at Generation Cedar has ministered to me a lot over the last couple years. This post is convicting but  she writes with such love and an open heart. I hope you all have a great weekend!