Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bunch Of Everything Thrown Into One Post....

My sister, Brianna took our family pictures on Saturday, here's a sneak peek!
I can't wait to see the rest.
My other sister, Brenda finally got her 2 boys! After a long journey, she has finally become a Mommy to the cutest little boys. I now have 5 of the cutest nephews ever!
Here's a picture of Great Grandpa meeting the older one for the first time.
He just turned 2 and his brother is 11months.
Love at first sight!

My pictures are random and all out of order but sharing some of my favorites from the last 3 months.

This was when Fallon was 3 weeks and I was just laying down holding her waiting for kids to get out of the shower and bath. We usually do family prayer on our bed, so this is when all the kids were getting ready to say prayers.

Fallon at 9weeks. Already posing like her big sisters:)

Justin and I celebrated 12 years of marriage! He took me out to a nice steak dinner, with all my dental work, I haven't been able to really chew. At dinner we were talking about the past and how our marriage has been such an adventure. The different seasons we have been through. The hard times that have made our marriage what it is today. We have grown so much together and I love how the Lord has has given us the same vision for our future together. To think my crush on him started when I was 15 years old and he was 17. That's a little over half my life! I still have a major crush on this guy! No wonder we have so many kids. ha!
The boys stayed the night at their Nana's house and so it was just us girls and Daddy in the house. Justin keeps saying, "I can't believe I have 4 girls!"
Always a slumber party!

Here's Fallon at 8 weeks. I took the 3 little girls our for "Dirl Day" They both don't say their "g" sound, so we have given it the name dirl day. They like to dress up and bring their babies. We usually do something dirly. Like get our nails painted or go our for ice cream. Dirl day usually happens when the older ones are at sports practice.
The Dirls (I'm missing my crown)
Fallon took her first field trip when she was 8 weeks.
To the Palm Springs Air Museum.
Austin got to to a flight simulator and learn about flying. He plans to get his pilot license. His instructor was a Navy Vet and made him write a report on the theory of flight. I love how it has sparked his interest.
During his lesson, I was trying to keep these diva dirls quiet. So I bribed them with lip gloss...
His lesson, here he is flying from Palm Springs into the Redlands airport.

Here's our annual moving picture!
Our life is such an adventure. lol
Our new home is very comfortable and we are enjoying it. The only thing is that the house seems to echo. Not a good thing with 6 kids. ha! We have no carpet in the house. Just wood floors and tile. I'm needing some area rugs and earplugs;0
I will post pictures soon.

My brother got married! He married a sweet girl who is such a great step Mom to my 2 nephews. I've never seen my brother so happy!
Having the whole family in the wedding after just giving birth 5 weeks prior was a bit stressful. It was worth it though! I was emotional for many reasons. One, my brother and nephews getting a new start on life, two my Dad was there and I cried like a little girl that missed him, and three, I got my makeup done and looked like a drag queen. Yep, hormones and stress don't mix.
My handsome boys.
The happy couple.
Faith has been a flower girl many times. We use to rent her out. Not really, but she sure did her fair share of petal throwing. She has now been promoted to jr. bridesmaid.
These two did a wonderful job at being flower girls....

This is what Fallon did for most of the wedding..sweet baby!
Fallon has a ton of hair. The night before the wedding...we didn't want to leave her out.
Here's Fallon at 6weeks. My little mermaid.

I just love her face!!!!!!!Here's Fallon at 3 weeks on our way to the bridal shower...
Finley wanted to wear the same shoes as her big brother...
9 weeks at her new home.
6 weeks at her old home. ha. Poor thing, welcome to your crazy family Fallon.
1 month old in this picture.

Faith took 2nd in her cheer competition.
She constantly is cheering around the house.
She worked hard and was such a good sport by standing up for whats right in certain situations this year in cheer. We were very proud parents of our little Faith!
Here she is, my littlest sis, the newest Mommy!
She got 2 boys over night and has jumped into the Mother role like a pro!
I've trained her well:) She's had lots of practice!
More field trip pictures. Austin always wants to push Fallon....
I'm glad my first born is so smart, he helps teach the younger ones.....

Looking cool in our shades on our trip to Palm Springs for a day! Even Fallon has on some sunglasses. Finley has wondered off....

This one has been into wearing my heels around the house.

She still needs lots of practice in them....

Homeschooling this child can be a challenge.
I have to make it interesting and fun...
Like throwing sock bags for math!
Somedays school is just book work...
and lots of reading....
Other days Mom gets creative and makes Math fun.......
Or takes the kids on random outings...
We were learning about Greece, so I took the kids out for some Greek food.
And sometimes if I'm feeling really into teaching I dress the part!
(learning about Rome)

I have no idea why my kids say I'm crazy and often laugh at me!?!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving !

Please excuse all my errors, blogging from my phone tonight.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before Fallon was born and the week after....

The kids always like to paint my big belly right before I'm about to pop!
This time around they decided they wanted to paint my belly like a fish bowl. Each of them painting their own fish.
Daddy painted the outline and the kids painted the design of each of their fish.
Farrah was in shock at how big my belly was!
Finley just thought it was funny!
This pictures just makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
Finley wanted her belly painted too!

This was on Monday night, Tuesday night kids spent the night at Nana's so that we could be up early Wed to go to the hospital. Needless to say, painting my belly 2 days before my c-section wasn't the best idea.
I couldn't get all the paint off! It had dyed my skin.
So the doctor had to cut into the fish bowl to remove Fallon:)

Fallon's 1st week home....

The girls are loving their new baby (doll)
The first week home Daddy had to work and the kids and I just enjoyed Fallon...
Holding my baby, with kids all around me begging to hold her next...
that is until she decides to spit up on them lol

We celebrated Austin's 12th birthday. He said Fallon was the best gift ever. He wouldn't even let me hold her while he blew out his candles:)

I made it out to the 2nd game with Fallon in the Moby.

Daddy coaching

Faith cheering Austin on...

Austin still playing QB. Here he is running the ball.

Then back to snuggling after the game....
I think I've made you wait long enough! Here's an updated picture of Fallon. Taken last week with my phone. She is so full of smiles and coo's

Football and Cheer is over for the year. How are these two so old already?!
Playing in their kitchen...
This was her "first smile" the first night we brought her home. Gas or not, it's still cute!
She just looked like a little angel. So perfect!

Playing with Fallon's piggies....
My heart is so full!

My first walk around the block in my big ol' pink stroller!!!!
We got stopped a few times and many looks.
Strangest comment: Are they triplets?
Um, do they look like triplets???
Some people scare me, I mean really!

Enjoying their sister, her first week home!
I am trying to play catch up on the last 12 weeks.
So lots of pictures and not a lot of creative writing.