Monday, August 31, 2009

End Of Summer Fun

(before the hospital)
We took the older 3 twilight fishing...

The girls thought the boat was smelly...

It didn't seem to bother the boys....

It started to get cold and windy...

we all watched a beautiful sunset....

Captain Landen....

also the entertainment for everyone on the boat....

We told Landen to just chill and relax a little bit (he had way too much energy for 10:00pm)....

The boat stopped and look who caught the first fish....

The kids caught a handful of fish too.....
and look who finally crashed on the boat around 1am!

Good times!

Happy 10th Birthday Austin!

He has a bright future ahead of him....

*photo by byfaithphotography

and we couldn't be more proud of the young man that he is!
He brings so much joy to our lives!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
3John 1:4

I know he's 10 but I still sing to him, and I love that he still smiles and lets me.
For the past 10 years I've been singing this to him....

He gave me you,
A miracle is what His love will do,
He gave me you,
He knows the hairs upon your head,
He gave the moon it's face,
but most of all I praise Him for His grace,
He gave me you!

I thank God for loaning him to me and I pray I will continue to have the strength to raise this young man to be used in a mighty way for Christ.
It's an honor being him mom!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Much To Blog......So Little Time

Life is just crazy right now. With moving, school starting next week, birthdays, weddings, and sick kids, and 4 days in the hospital....and to even think of blogging about it makes me dizzy.

So, I'm going to just sit down for a minute and not get too creative because my brain is not working and is on overload...
So just bare with me and my misspelled words, bad grammar and sorry excuse for a blog post.......thanks!
This poor girl had a ruff week......

but she is out of her ugly hospital gown and back into her fashionable clothes again!

What happened????

Well....let's go back to Monday
A very unprepared mommy took her kids to the beach. She tried to pay for parking but because of California budget cuts they had raised parking from $10.00 to $15.00.
The mommy didn't have that much cash on her and they didn't take plastic. Then the mommy didn't realize that you had to pay $1.00 to take the tram across the street to the beach. The mommy was a bit frustrated but kept cool. She met up with a friend and together made their way to the beach.

The mommy didn't even bring any of her kids bathing suits...DON'T ASK!

She just planned on showing them some tide pools, but it was high tide so they couldn't see anything.
The kids were sad!
The kids went in the ocean anyway and at this point the mom really didn't care!
She just stayed far away from them so nobody would know they were hers.

The mommy just watched as her kids played in the water in their clothes and saggy diaper. Not only did the mom not bring swimsuits but she didn't even bring swimmers.
Her poor children.

You could tell it really bothered them that they had to play in their saggy sz 3 too small of a diaper.

The mom was so busy taking pictures of her poor children from a far that they almost drowned...

Then the mom was going to let all her children burn because she left the sun block back in the car. She had to bum some off a friend and pretty much used all of it.

The mom about had it and was ready to go home. She was beyond tired. She told all the kids to rinse off all the sand and then just air dry. The mom didn't even bring towels for her poor children either.
So the kids went to rinse off and out came the little girl named Faith screaming her head off. The mom thought her daughter was being dramatic and told her to suck it up because she thought it was just a bee sting.
The mom then looked at her daughters leg and tried to pull the barb out. The mom was feeling really guilty at this point and just wanted to cry. The mom stopped and told herself to suck it up.
The mom soon realized her daughters leg was swelling up and she was in a lot of pain so the mom went to the visitor center to find out what she needed to do. (At this point the mom looked like a packed mule with a bunch of homeless half naked children following her.) There they informed the mom that the beach has been having trouble with sting rays. The mom wondered why they didn't have a sign posted warning people of this. From their the mom raced home with a screaming child and other complaining children because they were itchy and sandy. The mom called the doctor and the doctor said...... there is not much you can do. It's very painful and as long as she doesn't have a fever or trouble breathing your ok. Just soak it in hot water.
The mom did that and soon saw the daughter was running a high fever and was having trouble breathing.
The mom knew she must be having some reaction to the venom. The sting wound was turning red and was hot to the touch. It even spread. The mom took the little girl to ER and was rushed in and admitted right away.

The mommy and the little girl hung out together and had the most amazing bonding time ever. It was scary, and a rough week for the whole family. The youngest baby doesn't take a bottle and had never been away from her mommy overnight. She did fine the 3 nights she was away and took to the bottle. The mom on the other hand didn't take so well...The mom has nice friends who got things taken care of at home like buying crickets for a starving bearded dragon and taking care of things that were falling between the cracks while at the hospital. The mom also has family that helped watch the other kids.
Faith also got pneumonia too while in the hospital.
The mom got a lot of reading,thinking and praying done while the little girl slept.

The little girls daddy raced up to the hospital every night after work to be by his baby.
When the little girl was feeling better they watched movies, made necklaces,colored,ate chocolate covered edible arrangements,read and talked about girl stuff..It was like a slumber party!
The little girl also enjoyed getting waited on and loved driving the nurses nuts with the call button. After about a night in the hospital the little girl wanted to go home. She cried and missed her brothers and sisters. After 4 days she finally was able to go home.

The little girl wants to thank everyone for all their prayers and presents.

She also still thinks sting rays are cool and that her mommy is the best mommy in the world even though she is far from being perfect.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From 20 To 2

Faith said her pain level was off the chart a couple days ago...

Now she is a 2.
She even got up and took a short walk around

(she is not fond of the ugly outfit she has to wear)

things were looking up last night......

Faith and I were busy watching movies, making necklaces,coloring,eating chocolate covered edible arrangements,reading and talking about girl stuff...I thought she was getting better!

Around 2am Faith was having some wheezing and oxygen level dropped. She's back on oxygen. Chest xray is showing she has pneumonia now. Her wound looks great went from red and swollen to back and blue like a bruise. Now we are fighting an infection in her lungs.

The doctor asked about Faith missing school. We explained that she is homeschooled and we don't plan to start until the 2nd of Sept. This struck an interesting conversation. She shared her concern about socialism. We talked and I explained some things to her (not that I needed to)

Well this morning the nurses have been busy delivering all kinds of goodies and flowers to Faith's room from friends.
Poor homeschool child has no friends does she? ha!

Faith has to remain in the hospital until she can keep her oxygen levels up on her own. She is a trooper, but wants to go home! She misses her siblings and friends.
Thank you for all your prayers and goodies....we feel so blessed!
I will update when I can on my blog...I do update on facebook if you would like to friend me on there:)
Or you can always check my sisters blog.
Pray we can go home tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


for those of you not connected on Facebook - have been following this since yesterday, and thought our group should pray . . .

Faith Ryan, who will be a 3rd grader this year, was stung by a sting ray yesterday at the beach. It sounds as if they thought, at first it was a bee sting, and it sounds as if they were following the instructions of the lifeguard - but as she started experiencing high fever, they took her to the doctor today, who confirmed it was a sting ray sting, and they admitted her to the hospital.

Her last update on Facebook reads:

" . . . They're giving her antibiotics and oxygen,watching her breathing and treating the wound. She's had a high fever since last night... I feel so bad I had no idea it was this bad..I even told her to suck it up yesterday thinking it was a bee sting. Doc said he's seen big tuff surfers fall to the ground screaming in pain...she's a tuff girl!"

Thanks for your support for Faith and the Ryan family.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

High School Sweethearts

are still so in love....



and my heart still drops when I look at him...

and we still both can't believe we have 5 kids....

and I would marry him all over again....

and have a bunch of kids:)

A 15 year old cheerleader and a 17 year old football player (with a cool car I might add) had a crush on each other.... and that's where it all started. I thank God for entering in and applying the glue. He is the center of our lives.

Where did you meet the love of your life?

One of our pictures from our date/photo shoot.
I'll upload more of the wedding ones later (for a good laugh!)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
for your love is more delightful than wine.
Song of Solomon 1:2

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Boys Are Driving Me Up A Wall.........


The neighbor friends know were moving, so I promised to have a boys day and take them somewhere fun and then have a girls day too before summer ended.
So I took the boys to Hangar 18.

It was such a good workout and a great way to climb away some stress!!!

Landen with his gear ready to climb!

Landen found his new favorite sport!

I think this child suffers from ADDDDDDDDDD+ and to let him climb away is just the right medicine.

I also like the fact that I can harness him up and he can't run away!

This almost 10 year old stud showing off

Look at that stud!

After all that climbing the boys wanted double double hamburgers!

We had a great day and these two buddies made great memories!

Now it's girl day!!!