Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Missing In Action

too sick to be in action...

and I'm going crazy!

This pregnancy has been the roughest so far....

I feel like I have the flu 24/7.

I have very little energy....

I'm not one to sit around, I need to get out!

I love to be on the go....

Or else I suffer from serious cabin fever, and so do my kids!

It's been hard since we got home from our trip, kinda boring!

I know I have a full plate of raising 5 kids, baking one and being in charge of their education.

But, I'm bored!

Maybe it's just because we have slowed down and I feel yuck....
maybe pre partum depression ( is there such a thing?)

I just loved being on the go..learning and seeing new things

Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job, I am very blessed to be home with my kiddos.

I know many women who would give anything to be home with theirs....

I just get bored sometimes!

Maybe it's that I've been doing MOP's groups and playdates for almost 12 yrs now???

Recently the most exciting thing on our calendar is "park day" and I know this sounds really mean but I just can't get that excited about it.

I know I sound like a total brat right now.....

maybe I just need to get an outside hobby???
Or drag myself out even when I don't feel good....

There is only so much play dough one can do....

maybe I just need a little break???

Did I mention I lovvvvvve my kids and love being home with them...I really do!

I know my calling is at home and I know this is where the Lord would have me, but I think I just need to maybe get out and do something for myself...

Now, I sound selfish!

Boy, am I gonna hear it in the comment section now...
I'm just sharing what is on my heart.
I feel really bad even saying this because it might be taken wrong.
I want nothing more than to be the best Mommy in the world.
I think it's just something I'm gong through and I'll get over it....forget I said anything...

My husband and kids have been wonderful and helping out so much since I haven't been feeling well.

I helped by putting up this towel....that's about all I've done in the last couple of weeks.

I did finally brush my teeth and put on a hat to go somewhere...anywhere!
I just couldn't stand to do school in our school room. I needed to get out...

So we headed to the Lincoln Shrine
the only Abraham Lincoln museum west of the Mississippi.
Right in our own backyard. Redlands....

We were the only ones there and got a free tour. These men took a lot of time with the kids.

I didn't bring my camera, but I did take a few shots with my phone.
He was so tall!

I felt so much better just getting out, even if it was at a museum!

So the next day I made myself get out again.....

After our studies we figured we would check out more of our new city...

I took the kids to Olive Ave. Market.

cute market with old fashion candy...

Bad idea to go at lunch time!

I've never been stared at so much in my life.

A bunch of college age people...

I'm not sure if I was being stared at for feeding my kids ice cream for lunch

or the fact that I had them out of school (during school hours)

Or the fact that I'm showing already and they were counting heads and then looking at my belly...

I better get use to it:)

Or the fact that my kids decorated their sidewalk.....

This place was a nice stop.
They gave the kids chalk and bubbles....something different, something fun!

Maybe I'm just feeling a little blah cause I'm getting so old! ha!
I turned 31

I was not feeling very well on my bday, so we didn't do much.
I did go to tea with my mom at The Eating Room.
We did a little downtown shopping too!
I bought something for the baby:)

I really do love my life! I love my kids and know that I am really blessed!
I just think I'm going through a season...

Just in a funk, I need to snap out of!

It doesn't help that I'm a puff ball already!
I'm almost 3 mo. almost....

I did manage to get out and walk around the mall...
I decided I should get my ring cleaned. It's been forever! I went in and in front of the lady tried taking it off. I smiled at her and kept trying to pull it off. She just looked at me and said, "It doesn't look like that's coming off." Hmmm...I thought, why is my ring that is usually pretty loose so tight? I'm not even that far along yet! I told the lady that I would just wait and try and get it off later and bring it in.

I went to bed and figured I would try and take it off in the morning.

6am comes around and my fingers are tight and my ring finger is throbbing!

I figure if I take a cold shower and maybe bring my temperature down it might help loosen it. Nope.

Then I try conditioner and get one of the rings off. The other one is not coming off.

I can usually wear my wedding rings until I'm about 8-9 months along.

I try raising my hand in the air for a good minute to see if that would help. nope.

I went outside with wet hair at 6:30am to see if that would help shrink my finger....nope.

After my husband took a look at it and saw that it was swollen and black and blue he knew he had to cut my wedding ring off!

Now I'm walking around pregnant with 5 kids in tow and no wedding ring! Ah, that's what the stares were for at the market....and

Maybe that's why this guy came up to me and asked me to dance???

sure felt good to get out and let loose on the dance floor!

(at brunch in palm springs)

There I feel a little better!
Done complaining!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"It takes a strong family to combat this village that's trying to raise my child"

Education involves not only what you teach your child, but what you keep them from learning as well. If I am trying to teach my child addition at home and he is learning that 1 + 1 = 3 at another place, then I am accomplishing nothing. If I am trying to teach my child to act like Jesus at home and he is learning not to act like Jesus elsewhere, then I am a failure. Parents are responsible to keep evil influences away from their children. Everything your child hears and sees plays a role in the development of their character, and as long as they live under your roof, you are ultimately responsible for their training and education.

It's not easy!

Trust me!

Don’t squander the eternal souls of your children for the temporary crumbs of this world. Your children are your only possessions from this world that you can take to heaven with you.

That is why I am willing to invest all my time and energy into these kids.
I took some of this from this article.

Great reminder as we are in full swing after Christmas break.

Happy Homeschooling!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I think...
Finley will make....
a wonderful big sister...

Don't you?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Thoughts and Vents.....

from a mom with raging hormones!

For those that didn't get a chance to watch the New Year's video...I have a bun in the oven!
I'm still in shock. You would think I would be used to this by now.

-I knew over Christmas, I just kept it my very own little secret.

-I didn't even need a test to tell me I was pregnant. I just knew it! I have a milk gland under my left arm and the minute I'm pregnant it hurts. ok, that was TMI but that's how I know.

-I finally took a test. I was right!

-I planned on telling my husband on his birthday which is the 29th of December. We ordered Chinese takeout the day before his birthday and I just couldn't wait so.... I slipped a note in his fortune cookie that read," surprise, you will be a new daddy again!"

-I must ovulate every day of the month!

-I should know that by now. ha!

-One of my best friends from childhood is pregnant we are only weeks apart. Our Mom's were pregnant with us together.

-We kept it from the kids but told them on New Year's eve over a toast. Austin and Faith cried. I thought they were mad, but they were so excited they started crying. Then we all started crying. Farrah thought we were lying. She kept saying, "how do you know?"

-We didn't plan on telling people until I started to show, I guess this baby wants people to know sooner than later.

-We were scared to tell family, so we just made a video and emailed it then turned off our phones. ha!

-We were in the process of adoption and had prepared our hearts for that. We were going through a Christian agency but I guess God had other plans.

-I am considering a Vbac2

-After family knew, we thought we would wait awhile to tell the world. My sister didn't get that memo and announced it on Facebook.

-I told my Mom I was Pregnant on New Year's Eve this time as well as when I was 18 and unmarried. This time was harder! She's happy though!

-My Dad is not happy about the announcement. I expected it. It still hurts.

-I wish I could have this baby in Washington and have Charlotte the midwife that delivered my cousin deliver me. I would love to do a home birth....well, until I reach 3cm and am crying and screaming for an epidural. I still would love to experience a natural birth.

-Landen said that if it's another little sister he will be really angry with God.

-Farrah keeps asking me every 5 min if the baby is ready to come out yet? It's going to be a long pregnancy!

-If I do have a c-section again this will be my 3rd and they will have to cut above the cement.fun!

-I am printing out all the comments saying Congratulations from this blog and my Facebook page to put in the baby book.

-I never thought I'd be pregnant in my 30's. I never thought I'd be pregnant this many times. ha!

-I swear I'm showing already, my husband thinks it's all in my head.

-My sister bought me 5 boxes of lemon heads she knows they help with my nausea.

-My heart breaks for my little sister. She has been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I felt bad telling her I was pregnant. She just told me to be thankful I have a fertile womb. I pray she gets pregnant soon and we can go through it together.

-I really am thankful I can have children, I know how many women suffer from infertility. It is a true gift.

-I find it sad that family would have the nerve to roll their eyes at the announcement of a new baby.

-I'm usually very tired at this point, this time I have energy and feel great. I'll take it while I can.

-You see people's true colors when you announce a pregnancy in the high numbers.

-I pray this baby is growing healthy and continues to do so.

-Thank you for all your love and support, I love my blog friends!

-We are really, really, really excited about this baby!