Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 months!

Hi friends!
Seems like we went from newborn pictures to 6 month pictures!!!!
How did that happen?!
Fallon is growing up before my very eyes....
actually, they all are!

Our whole world revolves around Fallon lately. We are all obsessed over her!
I know, I've been horrible about updating this blog. Just trying to find the time to do it seems impossible in this season of life. So, I guess I'll pop in when I get a minute.
Just a little of an update on the rest of the family:
Daddy: working hard on expanding the family business.
Me: busy doing a million things at one time:) always dreaming up something new:)
Austin: Started taking pilot lessons. eek!
Faith: Starting a blog called, "Good Luck Fallon" should be funny, full of family videos. She documents everything with her camera:) I'll share the link when it's up and running:)

Landen: Is reading very well and taking gymnastics to get rid of all that energy!

Farrah: Still dancing around 24-7!

Finley: Finally was able to join big sister Farrah's dance class and is a great student.
Fallon: Goes along for the ride and is such a happy baby! Enjoys all her attention! She loves being carried around in the Ergo by either Mommy or big brother Austin:)