Tuesday, November 30, 2010




I mean well....

I just emailed a friend back . She sent me an email in May.
May, it's what now Oct or Nov..I can't keep up.

Oh, it's November????
What's that you say??? The last day of November!!
How did that happen?
Yikes!...I am a horrible friend.

She was wishing me a Happy Mothers Day.
Now, I'm wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas?!

Time is flying by.....

She got back to me right away...(as most good friends do.)
My sweet friends response to me:

No apologies necessary, I would never consider you a poor friend! I would consider you a very busy wife and mother who tries her best to prioritize and serve God. I am the same way. Constantly trying to make sure I am in the Word, meeting my husband's needs as a partner and helpmate and trying to install Godly ways and thinking into my kids. It's sooooo hard.....as I think the enemy is so good at distracting and discouraging me!

She was so encouraging and is such a blessing to me.

I am really trying to focus on what is eternally important.
It's so hard to keep up with everything and everyone!
I thank God for friends who understand!

This is a busy season in life for many of us!
Thanks to all of you for being this slackers friend!
I mean well...really!
Happy 11th Anniversary to us! well...that was a couple weeks ago. ha!

Monday, November 15, 2010

There's No Place Like Home.........

I can't believe we have been here a month already!

With everything going on and trying to get settled in the month just flew by!

We only have this left of our Halloween candy....

We have been busy celebrating all the November birthday's in our family...We also have our Anniversary then comes Thanksgiving.

The family keeps throwing me hints on having Thanksgiving at our house this year...um no! ha! I'm just not ready! Maybe Christmas????

We live pretty close to Oak Glen. We enjoyed a picnic up there the other day....

and gave thanks to all that God is blessing us with!

We are busy getting settled. I should have this moving thing down but I don't!

My Mom and Grandparents came over to help organize closets etc....

I think I over worked my Grandpa with all the girls clothes!

The girls room....we still need to paint and hang some things...
I love our house but I don't love the cleaning! It was so much easier keeping an RV clean. It only took me about 10min to clean the whole "house."

Now, I seem to be cleaning all day and night!

With wood floors.......ugh!

At least I have my Swiffer partner to help me tackle all those dust bunnies:)

Our school room is getting there!

We are still looking for desks.

We need to paint and finish hanging things too.

We have 3 other walls that look busy like this too! I'll share more pictures when I'm done:)

We have been doing a lot of cooking in school too!

The school room in right next to the kitchen, makes it nice!

We spend a lot of time in our PJ's too! ha!
Austin and Faith had a cooking contest.
They had to follow the directions from start to finish all by themselves.
Including clean up.

Then we brought the judges in....

Who's taste better?

We spend a lot of time in costumes too! ha!

Well it's past 1:00 and we are still in our PJ's! I guess we better get dressed before Daddy gets home. See you soon!

Hi Friends!
It's Monday...a crazy morning Monday that is!
I just wanted to pop in and share what Sarah said over at Amongst Lovely Things.
She took the words right out of my mouth!
Thank you Sarah for sharing on this!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Road Trip Video!

We have tons of video and photos from our trip. We picked a "few" and made this video. I'm working on making a big video but it will be about 3 hrs long. ha! I won't bore you. Here's just a sample:)
Thank you Austin for uploading all these! I love my family! Best trip EVER!

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

God Provides!

God provides!

I'm not kidding even down to a laundry hose!

We moved into this house with a dining room table, an entertainment center and one set of bunk beds for the kids. I was feeling overwhelmed at how we were going to furnish this house. We got rid of almost everything when we hit the road.
We slept on the floor and sat on the ground for the first couple of days....

Just happy to have a roof over our heads.

God provides!

A friend of ours called us up and said, "you don't happen to need any furniture do you?" He had a house he was selling and it was a probate sale ,sooooo he gave us a house worth of furniture for very cheap.

Cute furniture too!

Guess what was in the garage????...bonus: a laundry hose.

We got everything crossed off our list. Down to light bulbs.

Not that we couldn't afford a laundry hose lol,

just the fact that God works out the little details ya' know!

A customer of ours was giving away outside furniture and he said we could have it.

Perfect for our sunroom!

God provides!

Another friend gave us bunk beds and a dresser for the boys.

Another customer of ours gave us two cute dressers as well.

We didn't ask for furniture, God just provided. Amazing!

We are so blown away at how the Lord provides.

He does care about the little details of our lives...down to light bulbs and a laundry hose.

Yes, some would say it's just a coincidence, but I know and saw how things worked out.

It was a God thing for sure!

And the fact that my sweet Jesus gave me a red door:)

I've always wanted a house with a red door.

and a big yard for the kids to roll around on...God provides!

a tree to put a tire swing on.....God provides!

(still looking for a tire to put on the swing)

I know God will provide that too. ha! For now the rope will do...

And tree's...I love all the tree's:)

Oh, thank you Jesus for providing this home for our family!

Here's to a new season!

We will miss living at all the different Walmarts (ha), but are excited to make new memories in this house!

Thanks for all your prayers, they were heard!

We are all moved in...We got a moving truck (another thing God provided!)

Thanks to my brother-in-law.

I'll post pictures soon.

I'm working on our school room and family closet.

Thanks to all you friends out there for the ideas on family closets and school rooms:)