Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gen 1:1.......

Saturday we headed up to Arrowhead Mountains to visit the Mountain Skies Astronomy Village Observatory and Science Center.
First we stopped off for some fun at the village

Then we headed to the lake for an early dinner.

We ate at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Lake and it just so happen that Ziggy Marley was there playing live. I love Reggae so that was nice, but then after awhile It brought quite the we left.

The kids were really excited to look through the big telescope but unfortunately it was very foggy:(

We listened to a lecture....which was very interesting and the kids learned a lot....

but when they started talking about the "big bang" and having life on other planets my kids were shooting me the "look" and I would turn to them and blurt out Gen 1:1 haha...we could only take so much of that non-sense and if I had to hear that the world is a billion years old one more time, I was gonna we left. Plus being that it was 10pm and we couldn't see a thing (the fog was so thick) we headed down the hill trying to keep our eyes on the faded yellow line in front of us. The kids all thought they were going to die.

So this week the kids and I are studying an awesome book by Jason Lisle called Taking Back Astronomy. "the heavens declare creation and sciecne confirms it" It's an amazing book! Science textbooks that I read when I was in school are so different than textbooks kids are reading in school today. Science is always changing but yet the bible has never changed but has never been wrong. It's a history book which has demonstrated its accuracy time and time again. For example the bible has always said the earth is round...did you know that? I love that I can teach my children from science books that I pick. Sitting in that classroom I can see how children can be so confused. If you raise them to know God but then send them to school to learn about things such as the big bang and evolution. We are going to be studying from these books. and these books
I plan to use MFW as my base curriculum but I want to be able to mix and match to what my children show interest in. We are very into creation vs. evolution so I believe AIG will be great for us and will sow the seeds of love and respect for Jesus the Creator. I think us christian parents need to start our kids science education early—before evolution-laced secular media claims more hearts by creating distrust of the Bible and disbelief in God.
I plan to blend many different curriculum's together. I'm feeling a bit more brave this year haha...I'm so excited to shop for all our new books for next year!
Now I better go finish up that banana cream pie from Marie Calendars because my kids need the tin can to help them catch micrometeorites and I can't let them down now can I?


mommychase said...

It is very hard to be a Christian and a public school science teacher. Fortunately, there is a lot of curriculum to teach and not enough days to do it. I just don't have time to get to the evolution chapter, darn!

Shannon said...

I am planning to use some of MFW, also... and I may eventually switch to it or parts of it rather. Thanks for sharing the links for science. I just ordered a single book about dinosaurs (What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs?) that is part of MFW. I am going to "sample" a little at a time this year with what I am using. I like tht MFW is great for multi-age homeschooling.

Jody said...

We need more moms like you girl! Keep on teaching the TRUTH! :) Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

So close to where I live would of loved to meet you! Maybe next time...if your ever up here let me know we will go to the lake and swim!

Shannon said...

So... I opened my package today for the MFW book that I ordered (What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs?) and I realize that is published by ICR! Pretty interesting book, too. We read some in the car and the kids were enjoying it. My kids can really relate to it because it is Bible based.

Bridget said...

Marie, sounds fun! I use to skate at the training center there twice a week for years.
Shannon we have the same book! awesome!
mommychase: we need more public school teachers like you:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you already addressed this and I missed it...Just curious what you teach your children about the dinosaurs. When they roamed the earth and for how long etc.? Thanks!