Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Can't Think of A Title My Husband Is Honking the Horn...gotta go....

Take a second and listen to the song that I have's so me! I sometimes have a hard time explaining myself but when I hear a song, I'm like oh yea that sounds like me haha...
So, I'm not twenty like the lyrics say...(I am still in my 20's) well my last year anyway so I'll milk it while I can ha!.... but I still like this song. I like to pretend I can sing like her too...I love her voice.
Sometimes it's just the way life goes, you think you have it all figured out when suddenly every plan and every assumption goes out the window. I think it's important to keep track of the fact that it isn't ours to have under control in the first place. My place is not to control or plan out my life, but to trust in God...and live for him...And as I live, I am going to be clumsy, make mistakes. It's ok, it's a good thing because it means I'm really living and getting in the middle of stuff, getting a little dirty(if you know what I mean.) What good is it sitting all proper every day and never dreaming or living out your dreams? God made us and he is the one who CREATED us the way we are...very unique..and I believe that it's our job to live that out and let HIM grow the characteristics He's created in us...
Now that I got that off my chest......who wants to win some cloth diapers...and if you don't win head on over to Simple Wonder Diapers and place an order. I'm off to place an order also:) Free shipping and 5%off for Don't Blink friends.....I loved all your comments and thank you for playing in the contest:)
And the winner is by
Laci @ A little bit of crazy a whole lot of love... mom to an adorable little girl and 2 baby boy twins. One baby boy poops a lot but 2! I'm sure she deserves these:) me at
send me your address and what brand and color you want and I'll throw in another for you. We can't have one in cloth and one in disposable now can we.... That just wouldn't be fair.:)

I love blogging I have met so many nice bloggers. I got two fun things in the mail this week. Yesterday I got these adorable "fruit of the spirit shirts" for my girls.

What fun summer outfits!

Thank you Michelle from Little Red Homeschool
She made me the watermelons because that is my favorite fruit and I love pink!
But she makes adorable other ones and very cute boys ones too....

Fish ( various kinds) Goldfish are just cute and bright
Christian fish symbol
Mario 1 up Mushroom

FRUIT: (in order from cutest to cute) :o)

Onesies (0-24m) T-s (newborn- 14-16 youth, adult S-XL)
$8 $10 $12

If you would like to order some just head on over to her blog and leave her a comment.
Also, I am getting some cute dresses made for my girls to wear for Father's Day. Michelle is making dresses for them out of their daddy's old dress shirts! HOW CUTE IS THAT! I'm sure if you beg her she might just make you one in time for your little one too! Hurry...time is running out!
Look how cute this is...with the ruffle sleeves:)

This old shirt....

could be made into this:)

Also, I just want to say thank you to Tara at Too Many Kids In The Bathtub

for making my kids their own personal Daily School bags! We are always on the go so these are perfect for us!


Patty Wheeler said...

I love this song! I just did the same thing today! I was in my car and heard it and came home to my husband and said we need to find this song so you can here it- It is me! So awesome!

Jennifer said...

Those dresses are adorable!!. I wish I was that talented. And like the song. :)

Laci said...

YAY! I am so excited that I won your giveaway! Thanks so much for throwin' in an extra :). You and your kids are adorable, I love reading your blog!! Woo WHOO!!!

Amanda said...

What awesome items!!! I gotta go back and get them all!

Many blessings-

Sarah @ said...

Congratulations, Laci!!

Also, what cute dresses =)