Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Families On a Mission

Our children are watching...
a picture of my husband talking to a car outside Planned Parenthood while Austin our 13 year old watches and listens in.

Parents are to be teaching their children why they are not of this world, how and why to be spiritually combat that which is of this world, and how and why to put our feet to Biblical beliefs.  Teach and train them to defend their faith! We have found that Abortion mill ministry is by far the best training grounds for this. Supply them with the tools and weapons they will need to face a world that hates God... Equip them to be the warriors God intends them to be!

Family ministry is so important in raising our children up in the Lord.

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Find out how to get started in your city. Check out Cities4Life sister site Sidewalks4Life


Hello friends, I know it's been awhile since I've updated my blog. I have been encouraged to start blogging again for many reasons:) My husband and kids asked me to start blogging again. They love to look back at all we do and the memories we make together. Without my blog, I think we would forget a lot of the details of our crazy life;) I have so much to share with you all and miss the friends I've made here! I never realized how much a little blog like this could connect so many lives around the country. Our family has been impacted from people we have met through this little ol' blog. We have made life long friends with many of you. So blessed by you!

At the beginning of this year I flew back to North Carolina to attend a Cities4Life event in Charlotte.

Talking homeschool, football and saving babies with Mrs. Pam Tebow at the Cities4Life event in Charlotte! 

(total God thing) I started following Lisa over at 2nd Generation Homeschooling blog about 4 years ago and was so encouraged by her love for children and her passion for the unborn.

Lisa and some of her children. Homeschool Mama to 10!

 Those that have followed this blog for awhile know I have been passionate about the the prolife ministry as well. I just really didn't know how or what to do. I would go to the yearly tea's put on by the care centers,bring diapers and things to them when needed and vote prolife. I just knew I had to do more!!!... I saw Lisa post on her blog that she brings her children with her to the sidewalk to minister to those going in to the abortion mills. She made it part of her homeschool. Training them up... I then started bringing mine.

Farrah at age 2. The first couple times we stood on the sidewalk.
Farrah now!
She has a heart for the babies... She tells the Mama's going in,"I'm sure your baby is really cute there in your belly!"
The Lord can use even little 5 year olds.

 I didn't  really know what I was doing. We would hold a few signs but never really say anything to those going in. I often wondered why we were the only family standing on the sidewalk. Where are the families that attend all these churches in the area? Why aren't we as Christians pleading on behalf of these babies? We can offer them the hope they need, the hope of Jesus Christ but we aren't out here to help? Why? Sure, we would notice people come during the 40days for Life campaigns but when the 40days were over we were back to being the only family out there. I think it's because some people just don't know how to start or what to do.... We need to take the gospel to the darkest corners of the earth.

 I started educating myself more and prayed that the Lord would use our family in some way to help end abortion in our city and across the nation. I talked to my pastor at our new church and he started standing out on the sidewalk with our family. Soon others from our church joined in.

I saw that Lisa's family was involved with a ministry called Cities4Life. A gospel centered ministry that  exists to engage, strengthen, and support local churches and Christians to proclaim, protect, and provide LIFE for unborn babies in each city across America where abortion exists.
C4L seeks to transform the culture of death brought about by abortion to a culture of LIFE in our cities as we work to mobilize the Body of Christ to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. This is accomplished by uniting and supporting grassroots, Gospel-centered ministries, families, and individuals dedicated to proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ and providing tangible support to abortion-minded mothers at local abortion clinics.
Soon other families started joining us from different churches and ministries....
We started working together!!!

Because abortion is primarily a Gospel issue, this holocaust will only come to an end when gentle Christians begin to actively live out their faith at local abortion clinics in their own cities. As local churches heed this call, C4L will help to mobilize their faith into actionable steps.
We do this by first proclaiming the Truth in love, praying for the end of abortion, providing for the needs of these families, and protecting life by encouraging the body of Christ’s involvement in this city.

The Cities4Life team had been praying about replicating this ministry model in other cities throughout the nation. Supporting them with strategic C4L tools, resources, web presence, counseling materials and much more.
The Tiny Hands book is a powerful tool on the sidewalk!

At the end of January my friend Rachele Flores (who I had been doing hands on training under out on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood, which by the way is the best way to learn...just go!) flew out for the Cities4Life Charlotte event. With much prayer and support we were able to attend this event. Our trip was amazing! God orchestrated the whole thing. I always say that if Rachele wasn't there with me to witness all that happened, nobody would ever believe us.  Sitting at dinner with Mark and Lisa Metzger, David and Lori Benham (founder of C4L) along with my friend Rachele Flores we knew the Lord was calling us to bring  Cities4Life to So Cal!

It is now May1st and the Lord continues to amaze me on how he is working through his people. I am blown away! So much has happened since our trip. We are launching the Cities4Life SoCal Kickoff event on May 10th from 7-9pm in Chino.

Pastors, churches, families and ministries have been rallying together to make this happen. I am so excited to see what the Lord is doing with Cities4Life. Come see how the Lord can use YOU!
“Cities4Life is more than I expected it to be. They link ministries and organizations together in a way that not only strengthens them individually, but doubles the impact collectively! I am now a raving fan and supporter of Cities4Life and cannot wait to see how God uses this ministry to advance His kingdom!” - Alex Kendrick

Cities4Life is now starting to replicate in other cities across the nation! Several cities have signed on since the beginning of the year. Praise God!
No matter where you live, God is calling YOU to stand in the gap for the least of these! Because we are compelled by Christ to love our neighbors and because our tiniest neighbors are scheduled to be brutally murdered every day at our location abortion mills, In our cities....Go...go as a family and with friends, to plead for their lives and share the Hope that Jesus alone brings!

The children pray on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood.