Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Guess Chuck E Cheese Won't Cut It....

I am busy planning 4 summer birthday parties. I say throw one big party but the kids say no! Faith turns 8 on the 14th of June. Then I have a day to take a breath and Landen turns 4 on the 16th. Finley turns the big 1 in July and Austin turns the big 10 in Aug. Didn't I just get done planning Farrah's big bunny bash???
Anyway, So after asking Austin to write me a list of some of the things he wanted to do for his 10th birthday I guess I should of been more specific in what I meant....
Here is his list:
1. Take a safari in Africa
2. Go shark caging.
3. Go for a ride in an apache helicopter.
4. Fly to Kentucy to visit the creation museum.

We have had many themed bdays.... I like to make a theme and go off of it... usually gets way out of hand... One year it was frogs..everything was frogs, one year cupcakes, planes,sharks,dumptrucks etc...What party themes or ideas have you done...ideas?????????


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Oh Bridget!
This is what I was going to post about today! BIRTHDAYS!!!! Here is my story...
We have birthdays in Dec, March, 2 in April, and 1 in June. We celebrated Angels in Dec. But have yet to do parties for the other for, one of which includes little Madeline's 1st birthday. I was thinking of doing a big party for all of them. But usually I do individual parites fr each of them. So I have "mom guilt" for that. I know...I am weird!! I LOVEEEE doing themed parties. here are the ones I have done in the past:

Christmas themed
Royal Prince and Princess
Polka Dots
Bouncy Party
Movie Night
Mexican Fiesta

We do all of our birthday parties at home. In our family, I want birthday party prep to be a family activity . A way to bless and celebrate the birth of a special family member. I feel like that gets taken out when we have it somewhere. has neat ideas!!! I have pictures I can send you of our parties if you want them. Email me!!!

Shannon said...

It seems like we have done every theme! Not really, but it seems that way. I do keep all my parties at home, but they are getting too exhausting. I am wanting to simplify... just haven't really figured it all out. It seems all these people come over and I run crazy the whole time. I really want to have one big Summer bash and then keep it simple on their actual day... dinner out or special meal at home amongst our family (the six of us). I just don't know how to make their day special now that they have such high expectations. One year we even had a "magical unicorn" visit and leave golden envelopes all around for a scavenger hunt and it's horn (a real horn that had to be returned) and golden horseshoes for all the guests. I love going overboard and crazy for them... but now it is starting to make me crazy. LOL! .... Okay, sorry... I am probably no help, but I can relate!

The Laperouse Family said...

We just had Brynlee's 1st birthday party and we did a bug theme because we call her our "Brynlee Bee" but I didn't want to do just bee's so I made cupcakes of bees, ladybugs, and flowers. The ladybugs were my favorite though!

I also love the huge cupcake pan! It's a cake that looks like 1 giant cupcake! It's really cute, I plan on doing that next year for her 2nd birthday :) Also, if you have seen Bakerella's website, she does some very cute cupcake pops, i love those! Good luck, and I can't wait to see all the summer birthdays :)

Jen said...

The Creation Museum is so worth the trip! I've been there several times.

April said...

Hey, my son Race, his birthday is on June 14th too!! Happy Birthday to Faith and Race this Sunday. Too cool!!! My daughter's is June 2 and then with Race's 12 days later, it gets quite hectic during the month of June. But I LOVE IT. My daughter usually has a pool party at our house (see my blog for pics of that last weekend) and then this year for Race we are renting a bounce house and water slide for the younger kids at his party, as I don't feel like jumping in my pool every 5 minutes saving little 4 year olds who can't swim!! Not sure yet how I'm going to keep them OUT of the pool though...oh well.
That is just so cool that Faith and Race have the same bday. He will turn 4 this Sunday. Good luck with their parties. You sound like you are like me, you LOVE planning and throwing BIG birthday parties!!! Oh yes, and with THEMES!! Ha Ha!

Jennifer said...

I love planning my kids birthday parties, but yes, they do tend to get a tad bit out of hand. I have done:
2 Horse parties
French Poodle

This summer I am doing a Guitar theme for my son's 3rd birthday and a Watermelon theme for my daughters 2nd birthday.

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Oh,my girlfriend just did a Princess and the Pea and it turned out really cute.

Jennifer said...

beach party- serve meals in buckets
fire trucks
Have fun planning. I love themed parties. But usually my kids just want to play the whole time and thay don't care what theme it is.

janenes said...

We are having an evening movie outside for my daughter's b-day. We play the DVD through my laptop and projected it onto a wall in the back. My husband hooked up the speakers and we set out blankets and chairs for the adults.The snacks were simple: popcorn, fruit salad, and candy. The kids had a blast watching the movie, and yet there's plenty of room to wiggle around and do other things if the little ones lose interest.

mommychase said...

I have 2 February birthdays and this last one made me crazy (Wonder Pets & Tinkerbell). I did a kids only party for my 5 year old and I don't think I will do that again for a long time! I used the giant cupcake pan for the Tinkerbell party and it was a huge hit. I made every child a cape for the Wonder Pets party. Although so many of the little details seem to be overlooked by the guests, my family knows how much work went into it. In the end, all the crazy sleepless nights seem worth it! :) Good luck!

Simply Blessed said...

For Kyndall I am just doing a 'color' theme, not a specific 'princess' or 'cupcake' theme. It's made it alot easier and you can find things (of the same color everywhere). Kyndall's is actually themed around her hot pink and black tutu LOL You will see tomorro w:)

My 4 flowers said...

I also like to plan my birthday parties after a theme. I have done the tea party, garden with pin wheels, Hawaii them for my girl. With the boys their was trains, cow boys, construction worker, for my Little one who just turned one was a dinosaur party with the words Big One. Don't know if that gives any ideas.