Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Miss You Size 2

Ok, I was never a size 2 but I do miss my normal clothes. I've about had it.

Stupid maternity jeans, get out of my life! I am so sick of you! To be quite honestly our relationship has gone on far too long. It is not that you are not stylish in your own special way or that you don't offer great comfort to my huge growing belly and extremely huge butt but lets be honest I just don't want to need you anymore, go away! And when you leave, please take all the pounds I've gained with you so that I can slip back into the jeans that miss me so dearly. :(

Someday I will see you again

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorry, If I'm Making You Barf

Farrah said her first word at 7 months! Austin, read the entire Magic Tree House series at the age of 5! Faith can do simple algebraic equations at the age of 6! Landen can throw a curve ball at the age of 2!
Are you feeling queasy yet? I bet!

I know I get that way when I hear other mom's go on and on about their child/babies "accomplishments." So you ask why do I brag so much on this blog ???

I know this blog is full of bragging and I'm sorry if it makes you sick to your stomach to read how smart Austin is or how well Faith plays the violin. I blog a lot about what my kids are doing in school and sports etc. I'm a proud parent, I can't help it. I know that can be very annoying! Trust me though I can fill a whole other blog about how Landen lifts his leg like a dog and pees on my friends front lawn or how Faith stuck gum under the seat of our new car. Stuff that they do that I am not so proud of. My kids are far from perfect! Landen alone would take up my whole day just writing about things he has done or destroyed. I just choose not to write about some of those things. I started this blog as a home school blog and to update grandparents on what we were doing throughout the year. Basically to show we were not just sitting around watching t.v. and that the kids are learning. I also look at it as a journal for me. I can look back and see what we have done and look at all the fun memories we have made.

My bragging in no means is designed purely to make other moms feel like failures. Or that their kids don't measure up. Will you feel better if I accompanied some of my bragging by saying, "We spent hundreds of dollars on private school the last couple years, so our kids would get a great start in education and after paying all that money we should see results." or "We send the kids to the best violin teacher around and spend a lot of time practicing, so they better know what their doing."

I try to blog by providing carefully selected details and screening out the not-so-impressive ones. So if you think by my writing we are this perfect family and I as a mom think my kids are just wonderful it's probably because I just so happen to leave out some minor misbehavior.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ok, I bet you can't guess who's idea this was? An Ice Cream tasting contest. Yep, that would be me and my craving belly full of baby :)
My sister came over and joined in on the contest. We got eight different flavors and put them in bowls then had the kids taste them and write down which flavors they thought they were. The kids thought this was so cool. It kept them busy and my sister and I got to eat eight different flavors of ice cream. What pregnant girl wouldn't like that?

??? what flavor could that be???

I think Landen found his favorite flavor

Monday, June 23, 2008


I only have a couple weeks left and this heat is torture! The last couple of days I just spent floating in a pool like a big bouncing buoy. I have a couple of things to check off my to do list before I am ready for my little baby girl to arrive. Finding her a name is at the top of my list. I am so afraid she will not have a name when it is time to leave the hospital. My husband says we should just wait until we see what she looks like then decide on a name. If I do that she will end up with a name like Guadalupe. All my babies come out with lots of black hair and look Hispanic. My husband also wants to give her an "F" name like her sisters. I can't think of any more cute "F" names and his choices for an "F" name are let's just say not pretty. We have a couple names in mind but can't seem to agree on any of them. HELP! (any suggestions please put in the comment section)

My sister Brianna who is 40 weeks pregnant with her first baby is also about to die in this heat. We call each other several times a day just to cry and complain. I love having a sister who is pregnant with me this time around :) Yesterday she called me to let me know how her doctor's appointment went.

Need I say more....

Hang in there Brianna...enjoy the quiet, try to get some sleep and soon you will have your little baby in your arms:)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

$$ HOME RUN $$

Today, Austin had a baseball game and daddy told him that if he hit a home run he would give him $100! Of course daddy didn't think he would hit one. First time up to bat Austin smacks the ball........HOME RUN!

After winning the game 6-2 the team poured water on daddy(the coach.) He went home soaking wet and broke!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Needs Beauty Sleep When Your This Beautiful

"Who needs beauty sleep when your this beautiful right mom?" Faith would say joking. She was in such a silly mood for some reason. Faith is a very wild sleeper and still falls asleep and takes naps during the day. She also has trouble breathing in her sleep so the doctor wanted her to have a sleep study done. We both spent the night in the hospital. She was such a good sport to tolerate all the wires she was hooked up to. She listened to the doctors and nurses and did everything they said. For some reason she wanted to see the control room. She kept asking the nurse if she could see the room where they watch her from. She was curious on how the wires worked. She was quiet and went right to sleep when they told her to. In the morning the nurse took her to the control room where they showed her how everything worked. They gave her hot chocolate for being a good sport and let her watch some of the video of her sleeping. I got to sleep in a roll away bed that was way too small for me. I'm sure I busted a couple springs but other than that the testing went well. I will be going to bed early in my own bed tonight!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday Landen turned free "three" and this means HE WILL BE POTTY TRAINED! I refuse to have three in diapers! He is smart and knows what he is doing. In fact he was potty trained but then decided he didn't want to be anymore. I think he does it to me on purpose. In fact he says, "haha mommy I go stinky for you." He is my crazy wild Landen, but as hard as my days are with him I wouldn't change him for the world. He is so funny and just has a skip to his walk. He is so full of life. He is our family entertainment. Life with Landen is never boring.
Even as pregnant as I am and as hot as it was yesterday we still managed to have a fun day at Knotts Berry Farm. Daddy took the day off and we all went to celebrate Landen's birthday.

I'm never one to spend $10 on a picture at Knotts but this one was too funny to pass up. Look what happens when I let my husband take a day off work, and Landen is just priceless! I couldn't downloaded it any bigger click on picture to view bigger:)

Landen Troy : Don't mess with this cowboy!

We got a little learning in there too

ice cream!

Austin and Faith went on their first up side down ride. They have no fear

Then we came home and I just wanted to take a nap, but my little cat nap on the way home was all I was getting. We had some family over for cake and ice cream. I looked horrible and swollen after a day walking around at Knotts I put my mask on and was ready to party.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy Day!

My husband is the best daddy my kids could ever have! He's a hand's on dad and loves his kids very much. He works very hard to provide for us, but always makes sure he spends time with each of his kids.

Any dad who would agree to wear this on Halloween is truly the best dad ever! LOL... I still can't believe he wore it, but after all he would do anything for his kids:)

Happy Birthday Faith

Yesterday was Faith's 7th birthday. I can't believe it's been seven years since I had my little 10lb baby girl. :) I remember being so excited to have a little girl. The day the ultrasound tech said she "thinks" it's a girl, I ran out and bought pink clothes and bows! She was my little doll. I loved to dress her up and do her hair. (still do) I think she was maybe a couple hours old and I was trying to figure out how to stick a bow in her hair with tooth paste. In the hospital that night after having her, I sat up just holding her, looking at her, and dreaming of doing girly things with her. She is everything I ever wanted. I never dreamed someday I would have three little girls!
For Faith's birthday she wanted to go to American Girl Place. We had grandma watch the other kids while daddy and I took her down to LA for a day at American Girl. We let her pick out a doll (ouch!) trust me I tried to talk her into the "knock off" at Target but after all it was her birthday and she chose to have the doll instead of a party. We spent a good hour or two walking around the two story store. The store has a doll hospital, doll salon, cafe and not to mention every accessories you could think of. It's every little girls dream. Then we took her to a nice lunch at the Grove and it just so happened to be the day of the American Girl movie premiere. (good planning on my part haha) We really had no idea but it ended up being such a fun day. Even daddy admitted to having a good time. On the way home I said, " just think we will get to do this with Farrah and the baby too!" He just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

Looking for a doll that looks most like her

so excited

The doll salon $20 and up to get your dolls hair done. No thank you! I told Faith I could do any style she wanted. I would do matching hair for free:)

Wait...daddy more shopping upstairs!

glasses and a violin

shop till you drop

Thank you daddy

At lunch

the movie premiere

on the red carpet