Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Party

Thanks to Brianna for the above costume...I have Darth Vader accompanying me all day every day.....

One less kid to dress right?

Sunday we had a family birthday party to celebrate both Faith and Landen's bdays!

(Landen isn't happy about taking off his mask here)
Thank you to all our family for a fun day and for spoiling our kids once again!


Jen said...

Awwww.... the Darth Vader costume makes me tear up. Landon has his drawer of 'costumes', including Darth, Batman, Wolverine and the list goes on.

When he was about 4.5 yrs old. it stopped. SO sad.. :(

I keep pulling parts of the costumes out of the drawer every once in a while in an attempt to get him to 'dress up'. I don't want that phase to be over. :(

Next attempt will be bribery. LOL

Amanda said...

Great looking cakes!!! Great job!

God bless-

Brianna said...

Hey it's not fun if you don't dress up at your own party haha I knew you would love me for the Darth Vader outfit. ha