Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Little Seat Giveaway!

Today Finley had her 10 month check up. She will be 11 months on the 30th. She is my smallest baby so far. She is weighing in at only 17lbs 4oz she has tons of rolls but is very petite. I think Farrah weighed 17lbs at 3 months haha.

yes, I am wearing my bathing suit at the doctors...that's what happens when you lose track of time while swimming in the backyard with the kids!
I just had to throw up my hair and load up the kids wet suits and all. It's summer right?

Then look what I found at Target!
It's called "my little seat"
I love it and so does Finely!

(taken with phone)

She just doesn't like the 5 point harness... so I leave her unbuckled and she can't go anywhere. The harness is good for smaller babies that need help holding themselves up. The seat is good for 6mo-35lbs

she sat in it for a good hour eating cheerios and playing. It fits in a really cute little bag so it's good for on the go and restaurants. Very easy to set up and machine washable.
I think it's well worth it for only $19.99.
But I'm going to be giving one away!!!!!!!!
For you!
All you have to do is leave a comment saying if you want one for a boy or girl. Then
tell me what are some of your, "My child will never..." and then broke them????
Read on.....

The kids and I have been enjoying some summer fun so I thought I'd post some old posts because I'm lazy and don't have time just for fun:) I wrote this last year......
Never say never! As the saying goes, if I had a dollar... well let's just say For every "(My child will never)......." comment I have made and then broken I'd be rich!

I am starting to realize that every child is different and you never know what you will result to just to survive the day. For example my two older children were easy going and well behaved. Now my third well let's just say I often wonder what God has in store for such a strong willed child.
I sometimes think Landen is a payback... an excruciating, unforgiving and perhaps deserved payback for my mothering judgments. HA..I love him but ahhhh! I pray all the time, " God I learned my lesson, I will not judge again. Now please let Landen behave!" A lot of my self-righteous opinions began well before my first child was born. I was a young naive mom who didn't have a clue. I was the mom who's child was going to wear name brand clothes eat homemade organic food, always be neat and clean and use their manners. After having Austin and Faith I waited 4yrs before having Landen. I always thought motherhood was easy and how could mom's let their kids act like that or go out of the house looking like that. Well, that was until my sweet Landen was born. I will try to NEVER judge a mom for how they raise they kids again!
Here are some of My child will never.....

My child will never be seen in public in just a diaper........ until of course they pooped up their back and I had no more change of clothes in my diaper bag.

My child will never have a crusty nose... died after Faith had such a bad cold and runny nose that it just kept running and running. Who can further torture their child and their raw red nose with the constant wiping?

My child will never be the kid who bites other kids in Sunday I get paged out of church almost every Sunday and have to carry hot sauce in my diaper bag to squirt in Landen's mouth.

My child will never eat pizza, french fries, sweets etc...... HA! what was I thinking??? My 11 month old eats just about all of that.

My child will never eat in the car..........Well anyone who has seen the inside of my car knows this rule was broken. In order to keep my sanity while driving they do eat in the car!

My CAR will never smell......Until I realized how easy it is to forget about the bottle left under the seat or opps mommy I spilled my vanilla steamer.

My child will never wear cartoon shirts, shoes etc....... after number three, you don't care as long as they are dressed.

My child will never be homeschooled... Look at me know, I love it so much I blog about it:)

My child will never watch t.v. for hours a, it's go ahead honey watch animal planet for the 3rd hour in a row! Your learning right?? Somedays mom needs a break with free babysitting.

My child will never wear a leash........ Now I love my leash it has saved my two year old from getting hit by cars many times. Try chasing him pregnant with a 10 month old in your arms.

My child will never get yelled at by me in I just scream, "Knock it off now or I will pull down your pants right here and spank you and I don't care who's watching!"

My child will never scream in public like he not only screams but is on the floor screaming and kicking.

My child will never use a pacifier.... now I use the pacifier after it fell on the floor.

My child will never have a messy long as the rest of the house looks somewhat in order who cares what their rooms look like. Let them have fun and play.

This are just a couple of the one's I can think of. Now that my sister is about to have her first baby I strongly warn her not to be judgmental of me or other mom's because she just might have a sweet baby boy just like Landen:)

Call me crazy, but I'd rather raise my kids in a happy, loving household with Dora on the tv and Cheerios on the dinner table than to have them grow up in the presence of an uptight, judgmental mom with her constant eye rolling and shoulders up to her ears.
I am doing the best I can as a mom and I love my children everyday!
Now,what are some of your, "My child will never..." and then broke them???? I'd like to hear.

I would never wear my bathing suit to take my baby to see her pediatrician and bring 5 kids wearing wet bathing suits. No, I would have my kids all well dressed in dry clothes at least. Ha! Being a mom, I've learned you will NEVER know what the day holds just go with the flow and have fun with it!!!!!!

Now what were your "My child will never..." ???? and then broke them????? I'll pick a winner on Monday night.


ktarbell43 said...

I want a boy seat.

My child will never play with the germ infested nursery toys at church. Over it. As long as he's happy and I don't have to come get him he's fine.

Rochelle Ax said...

My little girl will not go out of the house without a bow-- broken, but not many times :) lol-- now that it's summer time-- do i really want a tan- line on her head? I don' tthink so!!

My boys will never dress exactly alike all the time-- and here i am... dressing them alike a lot of the time... not always, but it helps with laundry! sorry! Lol

**girl seat :) LOVE THAT SEAT!!

The Baker Family said...

I love this post Bridgett!! So true...My kid will never bite...and he got sent home from a friends house last week because he took a chunck out of her arm.

My kid would never pee his pants...yet every sunday at church he seems to be wearing loner pants when I pick him up.

I thought I would always be prepared when I go out...Ya right!!!!

O' and if I win...a girl one:)

janenes said...

My child will never wear their pajamas out of the house as clothes. Hey if they dress themselves and pajamas are part of the outfit they create--so be it!

I'd like a. . .(surprise me)_____ seat. I'll hopefully find out in 4 weeks what we're being blessed with.

mommychase said...

I have so many of these I don't even know where to start. Survival (not perfection) is my new goal. Fortunately we have God on our side making sure nothing bad happens!!!

Alessandra said...

love this post!!!
how about "my kid will never eat food that has touched the floor... yet all of a sudden the 30 second rule just isn't that unreasonable..."
it's SO EASY to judge when you don't have kids yet...

**boy seat please!! :)
thanks bridget!!

Heather said...

My daughter will never take off her full diaper in the morning and play with it for who knows how long until Mommy wakes up.

And Mommy will never find her doing this and go grab the camera in time to catch those little cheeks before she pees in the bed :)

**girl seat**

Jasmine said...

girl seat.

my kids will never wear a leash...until you have own who needs it, it kept her safe for a year.

my kids will always be "presentable" hair done, cute clothes, matching shoes, clean face...I try but I swear there must be a mud pit in the car by the time we get somewhere they look like they don't have a mother

The Zoo Keeper said...

I would love one for a girl that is the neatest thing I have seen in a long time, now for my child will never.

My children will never dress alike, oh yea righ for the first 8 years of my sons life he was always dressed like his two younger brothers.

My kids will never not eat at the table, lol yea right sheet on the living room floor on a rainy day makes for a great picnic.

My kids wont fight like so and so's kids cause mine are going to be raised properly, lol as an only child myself I did not know that sibling rivalry was inevitable... Oh well I guess there is no such thing as perfect kids or perfect moms

mflott said...

I would like a girl seat!

My child will never watch TV until they're 3. My DD is 20 months and watches tv everyday - sometimes it's the only time I have to get anything done!

Kristal said...

Hi Bridget,
You have the cutest family ever!

I always said, "My kid will NEVER sleep in my bed." We mommies (and daddies)know that when you are sooo tired and your 2 year old won't stop crying, just lay them next to you, and next thing you know, it's morning:) Take care! I would choose a girl seat.

kristina16marie said...

i swore i'd only let my kids watch 1hr of tv a day and not until they were 3. yeah right! rachel's first word besides mama & dada was MAP! she love watching dora & always answers the questions she asks. lol.

girl seat please! =)

The Beaver Bunch said...

Do they make gender neutral ones? If so I want that one. If not, I don't care. ;)

Wow. My kids will NEVER play on the nasty floor of the mall, EVER. Broke this rule after a 13 hour car ride and I knew that Elizabeth just needed to CRAWL!

My kids will NEVER be the ones who sit in front of the TV for more than 1 hour a day. PSSSSSHHHHH, yeah, right. It's not often that we watch TV all day, but it happens & more than I care to admit.

My kids will NEVER win a battle of the wills. I will ALWAYS win. Um, yeah. Not so much. But the super important ones, I make sure to win. ;)

Thanks for the laughs, Bridget!

Karla said...

LOVE this post!! What a great reminder for us all to lighten up a bit. :)

I said I would never homeschool, and we will begin year #4 in August!

I said my children would never drink soda. They do, once in awhile!

I would love a girl seat. I just found out yesterday that I will have another niece, as of November!!!

Nicholle said...

Oh what a great seat. Looks pretty comfy too.

I swore I would never give my kids ice cream or sweets before the age of one. HA! Haidyn got lucky being the 3rd because she got her first popsicle when she started teething. Not to mention other sweets to keep me sane!

My child wasn't going to sit in front of the TV for endless hours. It's one way to get things done without a toddler hanging on your leg asking to play with them.

I could use a baby girl seat :)

Jo Jo said...

Girl Seat please!
I have broken many "My Child Will Nevers"

My child will never be babysat by the t.v. Yeah well now I stick in a movie as soon as they wake up and keep loading new ones in the dvd player throughout the day so that I can get stuff know important blogging!

Krystyn's Mom said...

Hi Bridget...Girl seat for my Grandgirls, please!!! I could seriously use one of these at my home!!!

My kids will never...(fill in the blank____________________________
--->point and smirk at other Moms whose children are doing what "my" kids will NEVER do!

Hugs to you and your beautiful fam!

Hollie said...

loved this post bridget!!! so very true! here's mine:

1) I will never count going swimming as my child's bath for the day!

2) I will never let my child run around with a LOAD in her diaper just because I think she plays better by herself when it's in there!

Aleta said...

My children will never be the ones with dirty faces and hands and mussed hair... at church!! Who doesn't have time to run a brush through their child's hair or wash hands? EEK!! Broke that one a few times rushing to get to chapel on time! And I don't know how they got dirty in the CAR during a 5 min ride!!! LOL!

Oh, and I'm on my fourth girl - so pink for me :D

Matt, Tiffany, Hannah, and Michael said...

I would love a seat for my little boy!
My child will never eat in the car . . . . more like, my daughter thinks that getting in the car means getting a snack!
My child will not watch TV. . . . until I was pregnant with #2 and on partial bedrest, now both kids watch multiple shows a day.
My child will never throw a tantrum in public . . . . oh come on, we all know we can't REALLY make that happen, unless we drop out of the public life for good! :)

Oh, I had some good goals for my little ones! But, they're happy and healthy and safe, so I'm good with the choices I've re-made! :)