Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fallon Love Ryan

Hi friends!

Sorry to keep you hanging...

Fallon Love Ryan is here!!!!!

Born Aug 24, at 7:57am

7lbs 7oz 18in

Here's our first family picture:)

I'll be back on to post more about the birth and of course pictures:)

Thank you for all your prayers....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Pregnant....

Went to docs yesterday, he said she's really low ...I could of told him that;) He thinks she will come any day.

If she doesn't come on her own this week, I will have a new baby in my arms by next week!

Please keep me in prayer for a safe delivery and healthy baby. I feel good about my doctor and have a peace about it but I can't help but have a little fear of what my last doctor said. My last c-section story. This is some pictures of when I had Finley too...Just thought I'd post those. I can't believe I'm going to have another baby...excited, nervous and wondering how I will do 6 kids. Then again I don't know how to do 5, but the Lord does...Great is He who is in me:)

He will bring me through, he always does:)

Today, I had some energy so I took the kids and the heavy bowling ball hanging between my legs myself out for some fun. Might be the last time with only 5 kids:)

Bumper boats...the kids ganged up against me and got me soaked! Maybe the thought they could bump the baby out of me....But, that wasn't the fun part, the fun part was trying to see me get out of the bumper boat...the poor man had to pull me out. The dock was up high and the boats were low so it was like getting up from a sitting position. very awkward...that's what I get. what I do for my kids I tell you! We all had a good laugh!
We finished the day off with a round of mini golf and some water slides....oh and the buffet:) I didn't gain any weight the last 3 wks so I treated myself. I got my money worth, don't you worry!

Here I am almost 40wks pregnant! by Farrah

I wish my eyelashes were that long and my legs that skinny ha!

really here I am 40wks....check out the foot or leg up by the right rib. I'm sure this is the last picture of her in my belly...bittersweet!
We did sneak in a "babymoon" to San Diego. We enjoyed a nice weekend away with no kids. It has been awhile since we have went away alone and I'm sure it will be awhile till we do it again.

I'm delivering at a really neat hospital (so I'm told)

I have never been there so I thought I'd better take a last minute tour of the place.

(on the elevator headed up to the nursery, they couldn't wait to see the babies)

Daddy was at practice with the 3 older ones so the little girls and I went to check out where Fallon will be born. (I secretly hope she is born at home, but I'm not telling anyone that.)

The girls brought their babies too....

We made a girls night out of it. Got dressed, went downtown, stopped off at hospital and then out for frozen yogurt!

My biggest craving this pregnancy....frozen yogurt! With mango on top, sometimes I feel like granola. I usually send my husband at about 9pm at night when he's really tired..he doesn't complain only I do when he comes back with mandarin oranges instead of mango's on top! How do you get those mixed up! I guess beggars can't be choosers...I'll forgive him. So this time I got my own yogurt with granola and mango's. Fallon even felt like some kiwi.

These girls love babies and can't wait to play with a real baby! They are going to make such great big sisters!

Last week I didn't have energy, so we spent most of our days in our pj's or those that wanted to just wear their underwear did haha (don't worry I wasn't one of them)... we played games and painted. I asked them questions about Fallon, how much they think she will weigh etc and wrote them down to put in Fallon's baby book. They wanted to paint my belly but we didn't get around to that yet.

The energy just kicked in over the weekend...We headed up to Oak Glen to pick raspberries.

I enjoyed taking pictures of them....

We had many hands picking berries...except Faith. She is deathly afraid of bees. There was a ton of bees so she wouldn't go near the berries. The other kids stuck their hands right into swarms of bees....

Oak Glen is only about 10 min from our house...for now. It's been a year since we have been here and seems that we can only stay in a house for a year. So it's that time again.......that's a whole other blog post. Let's just worry about having a baby then I'll move onto telling you about our next move.

We went home and made jam and muffins...

I think Farrah ate most of them because she picked a ton but her basket wasn't too full:) silly girl

I love this picture below!

I let my kids eat berries without washing them and get dirty feet....

God made dirt....

and the kids yelled, " Dirt don't hurt!"

Oh, I think it's time to go...Finley is drinking water out of the dog bowl as I type. No joke. Now, that I won't allow:)

I'll keep you posted...thank you in advance for your prayers. Much love, Bridget

Friday, August 5, 2011

Slacking on parenting,discipline and birthdays....

Hmmm.... lets see what I can blog about. If I can even get a blog post posted without getting up to go potty every 2 min;) Speaking of potty

(yes, I just used the word potty. I'm a stay at home Mom what can I say?ha)

Finley is finally potty training...(training not trained) don't get too excited!

3 seems to be the magic number with my kids. I tried to potty train Austin at 10months. You know the first time Mom thing? I read all the books etc. After that I figured they are ready when they are ready.

6 years old is the magic number to start loosing teeth with my kids as well. Landen didn't have any loose teeth so I wasn't expecting him to lose his yet. Something I'm not proud of but Faith and Landen were arguing and I just about had it. So I told Faith, show him who's thing I knew, Landen comes up crying with a bloody mouth!

Slacking at the discipline. Not something I'm proud of:/

After we all apologized to each other(even me), we told Landen that he would get a special visit tonight....

(so now I'm lying to the poor child, great!ha)

and mentioned $

His scared sad faced sure turned around fast:)

The tooth fairy was out of cash so she had to borrow $ from the oldest boy in the house. (Come on Mom get with it!) Then the tooth fairy felt bad and tried to make the $2.00 look fancy by adding glitter, stickers and a bow made out of floss. Don't be fooled, that is a fake $100.00 she glued the letter too:)

It's all about presentation when they look under that pillow right?

Landen kept telling everyone he got $100.00.

Farrah would argue and say, "No, it's fake!"

Another thing I'm not proud of....Then Landen came to me saying, "Mooooom, Farrah called me the "S" word." So I asked, "What "S" word?" (they don't know the real "s" word) He seriously said to me, "she called me "dumb."

I just looked at him and wanted to say, "welllll" but I figured I should deal with the situation instead of telling him to show her who's boss or something along those lines...

(Lord help me in these last few weeks!!!!!)

Note to self: go over letters and sounds with Landen again!

Lets see what else happened...

my brother got engaged.

It's so nice to see my brother so happy again and Jamie will be a great step-mom to my nephews.

We were all asked to be in the wedding...

bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer, jr. bridesmaid and jr. groomsmen. I think we pretty much make the wedding party ha!

Fallon will be about 5 weeks old at the wedding.

Which means I will be 5 weeks postpartum eeeek!

We had to get our dresses ordered right away. 9 months pregnant trying to figure out what size to order. I made the mistake of bringing these 2 into the dressing room with me....

They couldn't stop laughing...

Finley turned 3!

We dropped the kids off at Grandmas and spoiled her as the only child for a day!

Then we went back to Grandma's for some cake and to open presents:)

Thank you to the Grandma's and Aunt Brianna because Mommy was slacking this year in planning a party.

She wanted to celebrate Hello Kitty style....

We took her to Knotts Berry Farm....

Finley's birthday lasted all weekend. On Sunday we went to Great Grandma's for another little party with all the cousins. Aunt Brianna make cupcakes.

Finley thanked her with a makeover:)

Even Berlyn got make-up

hold still....

Berlyn just wanted to eat the make-up

all the cousins and papa enjoying the cupcakes....

she loved all the special attention!

blowing out the candles...

and again....

Finley and Berlyn...


Faith and Landen got Finley this purse.
Best friends


they asked if they could wear lipstick because it was a special day.

Only child for a day!

The kids and I decorated the downstairs so that when Finley woke up it was all pretty for her:) The kids each gave her cards and presents they got for her with their own money.

I'm "free" 3 now!

Austin picked out a present all by himself and paid for it with his hard earned lawn mowing money.

Thank you Auty!

So I'm 38 weeks.

Fallon's foot is stuck in my right rib.( painful!)

Doc doesn't think she will be big (lets hope he's right!)

I had a cracked rib at the beginning of my pregnancy. Feels like it's broken again??

Faith was 9lbs 10oz foot stuck in rib. She had to wear casts for 2 wks. Hoping that's not the case with Fallon. (Feels the same)

We signed our life away till Dec... Austin is playing football and Justin is coaching.

Austin made starting QB and is one of the captains. He survived hell week in this hot weather. I can't imagine football practice in this heat with my head stuck in a helmet. He loves it and can't wait for games to start.

Faith will be cheering for the team and Landen is helping Dad.(water boy):)

I'll be sitting on the sidelines cheering the team on with 3 cute little girls by my side:)

Yesterday, I felt so blessed, had my house cleaners come (because I'm slacking at cleaning it myself;/ ). House was all clean, laundry was done and put away. Got a massage and pedicure. My Mom even called and said she bought me a new diaper bag:)

Today, I'm really cleaners put a wax on my bathroom tile floor. Let's just say I'm clumsy these last few weeks and slipped getting out of the shower. I pulled every muscle in my body with that fall...I'm embarrassed to say that was my 3rd fall this pregnancy. These kids keep leaving toys out that I can't see because of my belly!

I need another massage!

Bye for now, maybe next time I will be posting pictures of Fallon:)

and be a little less cranky and clumsy!

the only ride I went on that day:)