Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School Pictures and SATS

Austin's 3rd grade picture:
He gets so nervous while taking school pictures. I mean come on I take a million pictures of my kids a day. The camera should be second nature to them. For some reason he stiffens up and does these weird smiles :). Also, he thought that the top button of his shirt should be buttoned he thinks it makes him look more sophisticated...LOL

And Faith's 1st grade picture complete with the Paris(which she has no idea who Paris is LOL) head tilt and all..She's a natural..haha!


Look how much they have changed...
big 4th grader
This year he smiled and showed his teeth braces and all:)

2nd grader...
got into mom's closet and wore my belt:) she got to wear dangle earings (this is big) she even rolled her own hair with hot rollers that day....

The both look like they have to go pee really no grandma's I didn't order you any sorry:(
Don't ask my why the photographer had them place their hands in their lap like that then make that face like they gotta go really bad.....oh, well!
Or maybe it was the fact that their pictures were taken the week of SAT testing???Maybe that's why they looked so stressed out and nervous???

Speaking of SAT's I just got them back and I have one word HALLELUJAH!
We did it!

For the grandparents:

Austin 4th grade:
Reading: 6th grade level
Study Skills: 6.5 grade level
Vocabulary:6.3 grade level
reading comp:5.0 grade level
Math:6.0 grade level
Math proplems: 6.8 grade level
Math procedures:5.9
Language: 6.8 grade level
lang mechanics: 7.6 grade level
Lang expression:6.4 grade level
science:8.9 grade level
social science:8.5
thinking skills: 7.0
basic battery: 6.5
complete battery 6.4
Bible: Advanced...exceptional mastery of biblical facts and principles with a strong understanding of how to apply them:)

Faith 2nd grade:
reading: 3.3
world study skills 3.9
reading comp:5.0
problem solving:3.8
math procedures:2.9
listening:1.7..........ummm...I think she has a listening problem!
basic battery:3.9
complete battery:3.9
Bible:Proficient: solid mastery of biblical facts and principles with a firm understanding of how to apply them:)
I'm happy to see they each scored way above grade level...


Jennifer said...

WOW!!!! They did great. Good job teaching them. When I say the word tests, my son litterally has a panic attack. I'm thankful over here in MI we don't have to do tests.

Brianna said...

Way to go. She must have got her listening skills from me :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

They did awesome! Good for them!

The pics are adorable!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

congratulations!!!! What an achievement for both momma and children

Simply Blessed said...

That is so awesome! GREAT JOB MOMMY! This is huge for you too :) And seriously? Aren't pictures from elementary school supposed to be nerdy? Faith is SO darn cute! She's not going to have nerdy ones to look back on... no fair! I guess that's what happens with you have a stylish Mommy :)

Anonymous said...

Good job! Your awesome! and you must be so proud of your kids....and yourself! Congrats!

debbie said...

I am so proud of you all. My grandkids are so smart. I think it's the teacher! Proud of you for the task you have taken on. May the Lord continue to bless you as you follow th path He has set before you. The rewards are eternal.