Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fashion Faith

That's what we call her.
I told her I could of put a trash bag on her and she still would of figured out how to make it look fashion in some way ha. But instead I put a pillowcase on her on she pulled it off:) She loved her dress!!! whew!
I had a vision of what I wanted her to wear to her violin competition on Saturday. Yes, I lose sleep over little things like this...It's like I have a disease where I think of unimportant things and lose sleep over them. I guess because my mind is so busy during the day. At night is when it's winding down thinking of things. I do get some great ideas, if I could only remember them in the morning.
I wanted her to wear a black dress with big music note bows on her shoulders.
This is how it turned out!

Because she was competing in a group, I wanted them all to match so I offered to make all the girls dresses.(please remind me I don't have time for this next time.)
I'm not sure if their mom's thought I was weird when I showed up with pillowcases. But hey, I thought they looked cute!

I thought that I would be able to whip 3 dresses up in a few hours. (mind you I don't sew) but they looked so easy. I just assumed I could. They ended up taking longer than I thought and leave it to me to wait until the last minute. Thank God for my grandma and faith's help. My grandma stayed up till 1am with me sewing them. Thank you grandma!!!
The girls played in a trio quartet (I think that's what it's called) Each girl played a different piece of music and together it sounded beautiful and of course the dresses helped with their score. You got to look the part right?
They got 3rd place in the Chamber competition. Way to go girls!!

Faith wore her dress the other day as a shirt with jeans under and took the music bows out and put pink bows in for a casual look. Every girl needs a little black < Pillowcase dress >

I found some really cute vintage pillowcases so I am going to try and make
Farrah and Finley some pillowcase dresses out of them.
Let's hope I don't have to call grandma over again.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

These are darling! You did a really great job on them.

Oh, and I'm laughing at your comment about worrying about the little things... every night, my husband reminds me to "close all the windows" in my head so I can get some sleep. I should listen... I really should! Nice to know I'm not the only one! lol

Shannon said...

I'm so proud of you for jumping in and learning to sew! You have to start somewhere and these really are a quick and easy project, BUT it helps immensely when you have some experience or if you get a chance to watch someone sewing. The next ones will be easier!! And there is nothing like your child saying, "My Momma made it for me!" Priceless!! You will never regret sewing for your kids. It will make you both feel more loved! .....looking forward to seeing those other pillowcase dresses!!

Oh yeah! I love your twist on the dresses... changing the ribbons for versatility! Cool!

mommychase said...

That is the cutest dress. I already copied the instructions so I can make a few. I think all moms lay awake at night thinking, that is the only time the house is quiet!

debbie said...

Sooo cute. Thank the Lord for grandma too. You guys did a great job. They all look so cute.You are right Faith is so fashion.

Jennifer said...

You are so talented. You're gonna have to post how you did that. That is so cool. I know my Madeline would love to wear one of those. I tried to sew her a dress, but I can't gather, and this dress had THREE. So I could do a pillowcase. :)

Jo Jo said...

Super cute! I love those dresses and for a second I thought I would try to make one...then I came to my senses and realized that I will most likely never try to do that because I am the least crafty person in the world! Super cute though!

Simply Blessed said...

So creative! LOVE IT!!! And by the way... you girls have the BEST Grandma EVER. She is so sweet and is always there. I love it. Makes me miss my Grandma!

Marie Evelyne Lanathoua said...

My daughter Rebecca had her violin recital as well this week, it was so neat to hear the music. I love the violin such a great instrument to play.

Great job on the dresses...what a great idea!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Faith is so beautiful! You sound like my mother...staying up late worrying about what her daughter will wear. AND I love that you go with themes too (the music notes). Glad to know I will not be the only one who grew up always matching, always dressed with the theme in mind, and with pretty hair-do's. Your girls will thank you!!!!

Courtney said...

Too Cute...I want to make one for myself looks so comfy!!!!!!!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I am "sew" proud of you!!!!!! These are so cute!!!!!! And I too lose sleep over the details of life. Sometimes the details are what really make the difference though!!!

Nicholle said...

SO cute! I love the music straps. IS there anything you don't do?!!