Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Landen!

Due on 4th of July Landen broke my water early! Go-figure:)
He has been busy ever since:)

This is the song I've been singing to him since he was born...
You can run like the wind
you can shine like the sun
you can talk up a storm
and you've only begun
and whenever you smile you can light up a room
when you fall in my arms I can soar to the moon.
your the color of rainbows
and ocean of dreams
a bundle of energy a gift to me
you can sing me a song and as I listen to you
I marvel at Jesus and what he can do...
you feel my world with the wonders of his love
I've gotten glimpses of heaven.
Love of my life, you bring me so much joy!

We love you Landen Troy My Dimple Boy!
Happy Birthday!


Marie Evelyne Lanathoua said...

Those eyes!!!! Happy Birthday Landen!

Heather said...

He's going to be a little hearbreaker, he is so cute!! I love the airplane picture!! Happy Birthday Landen!!

Brianna said...

Aww little Landen getting so big
:(. At least I have a theory as to why womens water breaks. Cause the kids usually end up being out of control. ha

JenCoen said...

Oh my goodness, whatta cutie pie! Happy Birthday Mister Landen!!

ktarbell43 said...

Always been a cutie! That last one breaks my heart. Great Brianna, my water broke.

Jennifer said...

What a cute little man!! Happy Birthday, Landen!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay, you have GOT to share the story behind that duct tape photo?! Hilarious!!

Shannon said...

Yeah, I want to hear the story behind that duct tape pic. I better not let my older ones see this or their little brother might end up the same way!

Landen is handsome! All your children are beautiful!

debbie said...

Happy Birthday Grandma's boy. Seeing his pictures bring such sweet memories of him as a baby and watching him grow up so fast. He is so stinking cute!

Nicholle said...

He is seriously one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. I hope he had a Happy Birthday! You are a busy family in June :)