Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worse Than PMS

I hit the 38 week mark in pregnancy which means my baby is now weighing only 10 lbs. My babies are done cooking at 37 weeks. My oven cooks faster than most women. This baby needs to come out! The only problem is my uterus is lazy and doesn't know how to work with out pitocin. My doctor had an emergency c-section yesterday, so after waiting for two hours to see her she quickly said, everything looks good we will see you next Tuesday. My ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday. I will know more of my birth plan then. I'm at a point where I don't care how she comes out just get her out!
I also hit the I have never felt more uncomfortable or huge in my life mark. I get mixed reviews from people who feel it's their duty to comment on my size...some say "wow, you are that far along? you don't look big at all!" (love these people). Other's say, "oh my gosh you are getting so HUGE!" (don't love these people). I know I've hit the mark where I am done being pregnant when people start to annoy me. My husband reminded me I get like this every time around this point in my pregnancies. I wonder why he keeps getting me pregnant. I'm not fun to be around. Every little thing annoys me.
Like people wearing those ugly blue tooth's for example.
Today, I took Faith to Vacation Bible School. Almost every mom had a blue tooth on. Don't they know it's a fashion no no?? Don't get me wrong I think they are great for wearing in your CAR but really do they have to wear them all the time? I personally think they look hideous. While waiting in line to get the kids the lady in front of me started talking. I thought she was talking to me only to find out she was holding a conversation on her oh so cool blue tooth. Awkward for me!

My husband wears his all the time at work. He's in and out of his truck and on the phone with customers so I can see that. When he gets home and is no longer "working" I won't let him wear it. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have extremely busy lives. Fine. But will SOMEONE please explain to me the people who wear those silly things when they're NOT on a call? Like all these mom's at Vacation Bible School.'s like some sort of sick accessory. Ok, can you tell I'm annoyed, this is worse than PMS, I'm ready! Ready to get back to my nice normal self :)


Jo Jo said...

Oh my, I am so glad that someone else feels the same about Blue Tooths. I make fun of Ricky all the time because he had to get one for work too, but he takes it off when he gets home. Those things are so dorky and yes hideous too. Well, I am so sorry that you are still pregnant. You can always drink 4 oz of castor oil. Okay, I just gagged thinking about it. Well, I will pray for you and the people you come in contact with for the next couple of weeks!

The Tello Family said...

You are so cute. She will be here soon and then you'll be exhausted due to lack of sleep at night and chasing after 4 kids during the day. Then just think of how bad people will annoy you. LOL Atleast that's where I am! Haha... my poor husband :) I can't wait to see little Miss Ryan. Your kids are all gorgeous!!

K-Dot said...

Ugh... I hate those blue tooths too! My boss wears that thing all the time, and I can't tell you how many times I have seen her walking into the building and she will say something like "How are you?" and I start answering, only to discover she is totally not takling to me.