Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pregnant Girls Mud Wrestling

LOL! I thought that title would catch your attention. What are two pregnant pigs (I mean pregnant girls) to do on a hot summer day? A couple weeks ago my sister and I headed our to Glen Ivy day spa. With D-day fast approaching and so much to do before the babies come we decided to spend a day together and take some time out from running around and just relax. (reality check: as a new mom, you won't!) She is seeing that now as she just gave birth a week ago.
What a sight! I'm sure we sent many people home that day with nightmares. Two pregnant girls rolling around in the mud. We were laughing so hard and having so much fun. We didn't even care, I just prayed we wouldn't see anyone we knew and if we did they wouldn't recognize us with all our extra weight. haha!
We enjoyed relaxing by the pool and drinking virgin margarita's. It was a great way to end our pregnancies and a day we will never forget. Thanks mom for babysitting:)

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