Monday, July 21, 2008

Frogs and Caterpillars

Keeping the kids busy while waiting for the baby to arrive isn't much fun. Each day goes by soooooo slow. Today I took the kids to a park to catch frogs. (it's free and they think I'm the worlds coolest mom) We were there for only 10-15 minutes when they came running up to me with a bunch of frogs. They had already caught 11 frogs! What was I thinking now we have 11 frogs to take home. (I'm sure they won't live long) Just like all the other pets in our house. When we came home our butterfly kit arrived. The kids get to watch the caterpillars eat their special food and see how fast they grow. Then they will see them hang upside down and shed their skins to form chrysalides. Last, they will discover how they complete their metamorphosis by emerging as beautiful adult butterflies. They are excited to have 11new frogs and 5 new caterpillars.


Shannon Hartz said...

Hi, I hope you're at the hospital tonight having a fast easy labor, and wont read this comment until you're home with your new angel - you're in my prayers:) but I just had to say, I just did the butterfly kit with my boys - who are obsessed with bugs, and they LOVED it. They did have a hard time letting them go, but it really was a cool experience. Hope all goes well, Love, Shannon

Sarah said...

Hay! I just sent in our coupon to get our caterpillars! I can hardly wait to have pet LARVAE!!