Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still Pregnant, Still Whinning

Just four days left to try and induce myself. Austin reminded me yesterday that it could be worse, I could be an elephant and still have 14 or 15 months left to be pregnant. I'm telling you I feel for those poor elephants now. Can you imagine being pregnant for 2 years straight! ugh!

I now have everything pretty much checked off my to do list before the baby comes(besides the babies name)

camera batteries charged (CHECK)
hospital bags packed (CHECK)
nursery decorated (CHECK)
babies clothes washed and put away (CHECK)
pedicure and fresh painted pink toes (CHECK)
legs shaved..this was a hard one (CHECK)
eye brows waxed (CHECK)
hair colored, no more roots (CHECK)
fridge stocked with frozen meals (CHECK)
tox boxes and closets organized (CHECK)
purchase new car (CHECK)
put infant carseat in car (CHECK)
clean other kids carseats (CHECK)
make sure car is clean, can't bring baby home in dirty car (CHECK)
house cleaned, can't bring baby home to dirty house (CHECK)
garage cleaned and organized (CHECK)
all laundry caught up and put away (CHECK)
babysitters lined up (CHECK)
Now, before my house is a mess again, the laundry piles up,the food gets eaten and the hair grows back on my legs I really need to have this baby!
Now sitting here on the computer isn't going to help induce me, I'm off for a walk!
Have a good weekend:)


babyreynolds said...

You dont know me....a friend of a friend of a friend and I stumbled upon your blog and had to let you know about my favorite name Finley (for a girl). I cant get my husband to agree but maybe you can get yours to, if you like it!

Andrea said...

We were going to name our baby London Makenna if it was a girl....but went with Logan when he was born :).

You have been busy! That's good, so you can relax after the baby arrives!

Aimie said...

What do you mean "can you imagine being pregnant 2 years straight?" You were you silly girl! Farrah just turned one a bitty bit ago! No wonder you are sooooooooooo ready to deliver! Hey,you could call the baby "Ellie", get it? Like an elephant? okay, maybe not. :) Just kidding! We are still waiting for the phone call to come and meet her though! Good Luck my friend!