Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Wives Tales

Yesterday, was my doctors appointment. I parked really really far away from the office and walked. Then I took the stairs not the elevator (in heels). After seeing the doctor she said I was 2cm dilated. She thinks I will go at anytime. After talking with her I decided to give my body one more week to start labor on it's own if not I have a scheduled c-section planned for Wednesday.
I then took the stairs back down and walked really really far back to my car (in heels.) Hey, maybe the heels will help induce??? I also heard heels can make you look slimmer. LOL
After lunch the kids and I took another loooooooooonnnnnng walk. Then we got home and I paid them to rub my feet as I sat on the couch eating pineapple. ( I heard pineapple can help.) I think I've studied every old wives tale there is to induce labor nothing works for me but I am willing to try them all again for the 5th time if it means saving me from another c-section.
When Justin got home he said he would take me for frozen yogurt if walked there. (which is far from our house) He wants this baby out just as bad. I think he's sick of all my complaining. Did I mention he's nesting. He cleaned out the whole garage and organized it. So we took another realllllllllly long walk to the yogurt shop :) I can walk far if you promise me a treat at the end.

So now I have six days to get things going......

Today, I plan to make myself a nice lunch (labor salad)yum!
I'm not sure how this can help, but I'm desperate, why not give it a whirl? Supposedly the Romaine and the vinegar are the "magic" labor inducing ingredients in this recipe: mix together a large salad of chopped Romaine lettuce, Watercress, and Red Cabbage. For the dressing, mix together an ounce of Balsamic Vinegar and three ounces of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkle the dressing across the Labor Salad, add a handful of chopped parsley, and dig in! I think I might even sprinkle on some castor oil for flavor. I think I just (mini barfed thinking of that stuff) That's a taste you will never forget.

After lunch I plan to visit a herbalist and add some herbs to my list of things to take a lot with my primrose oil and other naturally inducing pills. Then I will be on my way to my acupressure appointment.

For dinner I plan to walk to the farthest Del Taco and have a extra spicy burrito and some eggplant on the side.
When I get home I will rub my belly and have a little talk with my baby and say a prayer that all I did today will start labor.
If all else fails I just might have to do what got me in this position in the first place. *sigh!
What helped induce labor for you? Any ideas?


The Oakes Family Zoo said...

Aww I feel so bad for ya.. I remember the last two weeks of being preggo.. my husband thought he died and gone to heaven..LOL I was constantly bugging him to help me out. Ohhh by the way I think a man came up with that wives tale.... because it didnt work.

Andrea said...

My active babies have turned in those last days, thus requiring 5 C/S. I don't have any secrets for the labor part, but I will keep you in my prayers!

The s*x part didn't seem to help us out either, other than remembering the discomfort and how it would be quiiiiiiite a while before activity would resume ;).

I think I have read good comments on Baby Center about that labor salad, though!!

Sarah said...

UGH!! At least you know you'll be holding that sweet girly in your arms soon. And at least then the tempting & wretched thought of castor oil will be a faint memory. And at least you'll have this blog for the blessed memories!! (like a year from now when you are NOT pregnant!)
Here's to the final loooong days of pregnancy! I'm praying for you!!

Susan said...

hey bridget,

i am praying for you!

this might sound gross, but you could ask them to scrape your cervix (just done with latex gloves, nothing sharp or scary). this doesn't hurt (well, it feels like you're having a contraction while getting a pap smear done - okay, so it does hurt...). anyway. this is what the maternity center/midwifery i go to performs most often on overdue women (in conjunction with primrose oil and jokes about having sex) with over a 90% success rate.

please post pictures of your (sure to be) beautiful baby as soon as you get the chance.

blessings and prayers for you,

The Tello Family said...

You are so cute. I hope it works for you!

Kadi said...

Wpuld you like me to come over and strip your membranes? Good grief...I feel your pain it sucks to the nth degree!Seriously, have Justin use his (sterilized) finger to do a very agressive swipe between your cervix and water bag....viola! If that doesn't work...get out the castor oil (NOT)

Shannon Hartz said...

Oh hun - so sorry she's not here yet. My boys both had to be induced, but for Briley, I walked the Ontario Mills mall twice - each lap is a mile - pushing Brock and Dane in the double stroller - It worked I was in labor before the final lap, and had her the next day. Good luck:)