Monday, July 28, 2008

New Do's

If the stress of lugging all the kids into a nice salon doesn't throw me into labor I figure nothing will. I took the kids out to lunch and for a walk through downtown Upland. We walked all the shops and I pushed the double stroller with both Farrah and Landen in it (hoping that would help.)
Faith has been debating on cutting her hair for awhile, so while we were out I took her for her first salon experience. I guess she doesn't think too much of getting her haircut in mom's kitchen. She was excited to go to a "real" salon. As we walked in I got tons of looks like what are you doing here with all these kids and then eyes went directly to my huge belly. I just smiled and said I'm babysitting for my sister, (at least that's what I should of said) instead I just said were here to see Tammy for a haircut. I handed everyone candy and they sat quietly while Faith got her haircut. Then I thought heck, why not get Farrah's cut too. She has quite the mop going on. So much hair for a 15 month old.

I gave all the kids benedryl before so they would be good...(just kidding) Farrah was sleepy but hey she was good!

We got out all our old ribbon, some flowers, diamonds etc and Faith and I made bows for her and her sisters.


Julie said...

How cute!! Now Faith and Hannah have the same hair cut... Miss you guys!

Loni's World said...

They are adorable!
Can't wait to see the new addition.

Ok I am passing this off to you from one of my friends. I love reading your blog and I was discussing the rudeness and noseiness of people these days. I mentioned some of the things you have been through.

She told me to tell you to dye your hair black! People will assume you are NOT WHITE and not question the number of children you have. I guess she said no one ever questions her about her 6 kids and she thinks its because she is mexican. (I think its because they are afraid of her, but thats just me) lol

I thought that would give you a smile.

Jody said...

that is so cute!! :)