Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July

The kids decorated their bikes for the 4th of July parade at my grandparents community. I waddled behind them and took pictures. Landen was a total ham waving at everyone and Farrah just sat in the wagon like the princess she is. Faith wanted me to color her hair red and blue for the day. I didn't go for that, but did find a red and blue wig! Austin had fun showing off his skateboarding skills and made plenty of noise with the can's he tied on the back of his board. Then we headed to grandma's house to go swimming. Water volleyball is a favorite with our family. I didn't play, I was too busy holding baby Aven, but maybe I should of, It might of helped start labor. After a day of bbq and swimming we went and watched fireworks with some family and friends.

Farrah kept opening her mouth really big and pointing to the fireworks. It was so cute.

The boys watching with their aunt and uncles

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Andrea said...

Super cute photos. My baby, who is 18 months old today (!) was so scared of the fireworks. I hope he enjoys them next year.

The parade was a great idea to get kids involved in the festivities.