Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finger tip????

Did you ever have PMS for three weeks straight? Because that is what the last month of this pregnancy is turning out to be like.
Even my son Landen who asked me to merwee "marry" him last week said, "I don't want to merwee you anymore." :(

I've started to get those calls where you answer the phone and don't even get a hello you just hear, "still pregnant?" or the "howwwwwww are youuuuu?" You would think by the 5th I would sneeze and the baby would just come flying out... NOPE not that easy.
The other day at my parents house the kids were all acting up and being wild. My energy level was at it's all time low. I thought to myself, how will I do this with another one?
My dad keeps saying at least shes quiet in there.
The placenta is a darn good baby sitter I agree, but I'm ready, I'm ready to hear her cry and all the work that goes along with it. I can't wait to hold her,see her, smell her... :)

Yesterday was my doctor's appointment. I have a new doctor this time around because my insurance changed. The doctor that delivered both Landen and Farrah would never let me go past 38wks, being that I have big babies. This doctor doesn't seem to care if the baby is 15 lbs! She has a very drill sergent kind of personality. I've heard she even told a patient to suck it up in labor. Oh, no! For a strange reason I like her, but if this was my first pregnancy I know I would be leaving that office in tears. She's quick and gets to the point. By your fifth pregnancy you just want to get in and out of your appointment anyways. While the kids are at the babysitters maybe you can even sneak in a pedicure on the way home while you have the chance.
Yesterday, she said the baby's heels over head (ready) and I am 50% effaced and finger tip. That's it, just a finger tip??? What is finger tip anyways? I think doctors just say that to give you hope to make it through another week that seems like eternity. I have learned to hate that word. I am always "finger tip." The last three nights I’ve had such bad cramps. I thought they were being productive. If you want to give me pain, that’s fine. But it better be earning its keep, is all I’m saying. It better give me more than just a finger tip!


Kadi said...

Dr. Rod told me once that I was almost a finger tip. Huh? That's like saying you're almost dead, or almost pregnant Either you are or you aren't.
Shitballs. Do I need to come over with some castor oil and Gatorade?

Jo Jo said...

Some girl I know once told me to drink castor oil, run up my nearest high school stadium steps and then get busy with my husband to induce labor. I only got to the castor oil part because I went into labor right after! You should try it.
I hate the "fingertip" line. I wish they'd just say that you are not dialated at all.

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

Just hang in there one more week...the smell of a newborn will be that much sweeter. Hope your Doc. finds it in her heart to have some sympathy for you.

Andrea said...

I remember the ready feeling. I had my fifth 2 weeks early with a scheduled C/S, so I guess i quickly changed from the "ready" to the "jitters" feelings :). You are in my thoughts and prayers!