Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Choosing My Battles

I fight many battles with this child alone. I am learning to choose my battle's wisely with him. He refuses to wear his shoes on the right feet or his underwear the right way. I now let him wear his shoes on the wrong feet and his underwear on backwards those are two less battles I need to fight.

Being home with the kids I can spend my whole day fighting battles. But lately, I have started something new. When a conflict comes up...potential arguement, disagreement, or whatever...I ask myself to rate the importance of the potential battle on a scale of 1 to 10 (low to hi). For example, if I feel myself "gearing up" for a battle over who forgot to put their ceral bowl in the sink, I might rate that a #1. or Austin not wanting to wear the shirt I set out for him a #2, if I've asked Faith to get her chores completed by 10am so we can leave by 10:15, that might be a #3or 4. Being disrespectful would rate about an 8. Stealing, lying or cheating would rate a #10 for me.

I've decided that anything I rate 5 or under, Isn't worth a battle for me. I would rather find a way to peacefullly resolve the issue or let it go. You can imagine the number of conflicts that has been dramatically reduced. My kids may look like rag muffins or homeless but I am less stressed:)


zeb4missy said...

Yesterday Toby wore ski pants, a ski jacket, and beanie with dirt bike goggles out to my moms house (I brought shorts for when he decided that it doesn't work in 80 degree weather. Today he wore his Power Ranger costume all day.I will be the first to admit that he has won that battle!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Life is definitely a whole lot easier when you don't sweat the small stuff.