Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lemonade Sale

Every summer the kids look forward to having a lemonade sale. We had our first lemonade sale three years ago. Landen was only a few weeks old. I remember just sitting in the shade with my newborn watching the kids have so much fun. It's such and easy thing to do yet so entertaining.

This was our first lemonade sale (look how little they were)

This was last years lemonade sale

the kids are always busy with lunch time traffic

After begging me to have a lemonade sale all week I finally gave in to them. First, it started with making a sign (this kept them busy for at least an hour) Then I took them to a community to pick lemons (it's all about profit) their learning...(this kept them busy for another hour) After picking about a dozen lemons we set up for the sale. The kids had a blast, they are pros at it now so I just sat back and enjoyed my lemonade.

Picking Lemons

Who wouldn't buy lemonade from that sour face?

The lemonade was so good this customer went to her car to get a bigger cup to take some lemonade to go.

Austin taking a break from all his sign twirling

Ahhh....yes, the best lemonade in town!


mrsbling said...

I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog via my sister-in-law's blog and I find it refreshing. There are so many of these blogs on the internet that I find distasteful and vulgar, but yours is awesome! I love how you showcase your daily life with your children. Someday they (and you) will look back at this and appreciate that you took the time to capture their childhood.

Julie said...

Too funny!! I know the 2 men in the white work truck. They are our subcontractors for the company I work for. Miss you guys!!

Bridget said...

Julie~ and they left the kids 10bucks! miss you too

Jody said...

ooh, lemonade sounds pretty good right now! looks like it was fun for the kids :)

Loni's World said...

I meant to send you this the last time you guys talked about your lemonade stand.

I thought you and your kids would like to do something like this.

Let me know if you do and if you would like some help.
I was going to hold one myself but its just me so not that exciting lol!

Take care


Andrea said...

Awww! Cute! I have never done this with my kids! I think they would enjoy it, but I am not sure how our neighbors would react. They might think we were weird. Hmmm..maybe we will give it a go anyway.

Do you have a secret recipe?

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

How fun! My daughter has been bugging to have a lemonade stand... Do you do fresh-squeezed!?