Sunday, July 13, 2008

Accident Prone

With both my husband and I being so accident prone ourselves our kids are just bound to inherit our "bad luck." Or maybe it's just our personality traits that draw us to accidents. (We are both dare devils) Me not as much since becoming a mommy. When I was little I was always the one with stitches or broken bones. Same with my husband. Still to this day I'm the one in the family who always gets hurt. Take last time I went to the river for example. Everyone was tubing and having a blast. When it was my turn to go, my sister and I got on the tube and I ended up in the hospital. I shattered my nose and had to have reconstructive surgery. She just got a little bruise. I am always an accident waiting to happen! My poor mom. I now know how she must of felt raising me.
I looked out my front window this morning to find the kids swinging from a rope tied to a tree. Austin was pushing Landen high in the air. Landen was yelling," faster, higher" then he threw his head back to add a little thrill to his ride. My heart dropped for my little 3yr old and I stopped and prayed please God I only want to go to the hospital today for one thing and one thing only....AND THAT'S TO HAVE A BABY!


The Oakes Family Zoo said...

i feel your pain with the nose thing... We were on the lake last week and a jet ski rode right in front of our boat. Hubbster turned sharp and I fell face first to the floor. I was out for 20 mins.. when i woke up I was in a friends living room with the fire dept. A week later and it doesnt hurt anymore but its a scary thing to walk by the mirror and not be able to recognize yourself...Im afraid that my daughter inherrited my clumsy style. Thank goodness for excellent health care!!!!.

Kadi said...

GEEZ...sometimes I wonder what I did so wrong as a child to deserve seven kids who are hell bent on scaring the crap out of me and making it necessary to live next door to a hospital.
BTW...we are looking for a house to rent down by you. If you hear of any, let me know!! Not like you have anything else going on ;)