Monday, July 7, 2008


Days like yesterday make me miss living at the beach. The days where I would take a few steps from our house and be on the sand. The kids would play hard, eat good and take long naps. I would sit on my front porch swing and listen to the waves crash. OH....those were the days!
With the weather being so hot yesterday, we headed out to my favorite spot, Carlsbad. I sat in the chair with my toes in the sand enjoying the nice ocean breeze. Our cousins who live there met up with us on the beach, which made our day even better. We got to visit with old neighbors too. They couldn't believe how much we've multiplied since the last time they saw us. We only had two kids when we lived there. The kids played in the sand, surfed, and had fun catching crabs. It was such a fun day, just like old times.

Farrah lovin on her cousin and eating plenty of sand

Austin and Faith going out to catch a wave

Landen was ready to go out if daddy would of let him

My handsome husband

Aut surfing

Then we cleaned up and went to dinner in the village

The kids were beat...this made for a nice quiet dinner :)

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Andrea said...

Wow-what a great day!~ Thanks for sharing! A quiet dinner is always welcome, isn't it?

The beach looks so inviting-I wish we were closer to the coast. I am not a lover of sand in my clothes, on the floor, it would take some patience.