Monday, July 21, 2008


This weekend was spent mostly at my parents house hanging out by the pool waiting for me to go into labor.
I sometimes wonder what our family would do without all the kids. They are our families entertainment.

The kids made up a game we had to call everyone by their middle names all day. The boys went and got haircuts and when they got back we ended up calling Austin Lloyd from (dumb and dumber) he got sick of it after awhile. Poor Austin! It doesn't really look that bad when it's combed but in the water it was funny.

I will be cutting the boys hair from now on! The barber was horrible

Then Grandma and Landen made brownies. Farrah even helped clean the dishes.

Then there was baby Aven to just hold and stare at all day:)

Farrah was in a silly mood and put on a show for everyone that had us laughing hysterically

Still waiting........


Aimie said...

Wanna walk with us at the botanical garden this week? I bet you could start labor really quick that way! Hurry up and have that little angel! I can't wait to meet her!

MangoSmoothie said...

Hi Bridget,

Good luck with your delivery! I hope it comes fast! Your new nephew is so tiny and cute. I'll be praying for a safe delivery for you and your new baby girl.

Take care,
Hannah (Cobb)

The Oakes Family Zoo said...

LOL cute pic's.. He does bare a striking resemblance to Llyod...poor thing.