Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visit to Virginia.......

While in Virginia we parked at my friend Heather's house. (Check her blog for more detailed visit) Beware! No Make-up. But yes, that is me. Lookin' all trailer trash:)
They spoiled us with great cooking and even a night out! With NO KIDS! We went to Bonefish Grill
They have 3 kids of their own. So it was a full house! We all had a blast. It's so nice to have friends you can be yourself around. Pull up in a trailer, no make-up and sweats. Let your kids run wild through their house! And they still want to be friends with you when you leave. There was "no trying to impress" going on ha! Chris (Heather's husband) was so nice to cook and clean up after all of us. Even my kids spilling on their WHITE carpet! We had a great visit and are so thankful for their friendship.

They even threw me a early birthday party! (I'm not 30 YET!)The kids all made me cards and sang to me.
Heather surprised me with some winter clothes,gloves,scarf and boots! As if thrashing her house wasn't enough right? ha!

But the boys did try to earn their keep...

We also went and visited Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.
I loved all the Christmas decorations in Williamsburg. All natural! I love that look. I ended up picking pine cones and tree branches etc and made some of my own decorations for the trailer:)

the kids did all the Jr. Ranger programs at each place. We watched videos and took tours.

The kids dressing up in Yorktown inside the Nelson house.

You can still see cannon balls in the side of the house.

We had a great tour guide who took us out onto the battle field. We learned so much from him and was very patient in answering the kids questions. I think I learned more history on that tour than I learned in all 4 yrs of history in high school.

Our tour guide teaching the kids......

I didn't get any pictures of Jamestown:( Just video. My camera died. That was such a neat place too!

Here's more of Williamsburg.......

Don't make him mad!
We visited Calvary Chapel Newport News. I love that pastor! We met him and got to chat with him for a bit. He knew our pastor back home too. He had a great message. Do you ever sit in church and think, ok God this is totally to me???

I also left with some great easy crock pot recipes Heather shared with me. I thought I'd share some with you too.......

Here's one....

Austin likes to be in charge of the Crockpot (he likes to feel that he cooked the dinner)

He throws everything into the crockpot turns it on low and when we are back from our adventure for the day........

dinner is ready!

White Chicken Chili

2-3 frozen chicken breasts

1pck of white chicken chili season

2 cans of corn

1 can of Great white northern beans

put all ingred. in crockpot, when chicken is cooked, shred chicken. Serve with cheese and tortilla chips. EZ!

We all know I can't cook remember! But I have been picking up all kinds of recipes along the way. Even some from our Italian family that were my Great Grandma's recipes.

SO, when I come back......Watch Out! I will have plenty of practice on the road and will be ready to show my sister up next Christmas:)


kristina16marie said...

bridget, you couldn't look trailer trash if you tried! seriously.

we luv u guys!

Serena Musick said...

Love the pictures! You must call it an RV though,instead of trailer. Some long time full timers here in Salt Lake explained to us that it's called an RV when you live in it!

I am very happy in the west, but kind of wish we had been in VA while you were, we'd have been able to meet!

Have a great time!

Catherine Anne said...

Your kids are beautiful

Heather said...

We were SOOOO happy to have you here and would gladly have you back any day of the week! Come back we miss you! But next time it'll have to be at our NEW house in TX ;-) And I totally agree with my sis You couldn't look trailer trash if u tried! Hope we'll get a chance to meet up with you again this week before we head out! Drive safe and stay warm!! It's crazy cold old there!! Love you guys! Mwah! <3


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Your post brought back some fond memories- we love Virginia! Colonial Williamsbug and Jamestown were awesome and though our visit to Yorktown began picture perfect, my husband and I almost divorced over the Jr. Ranger. They were banned for awhile on our travels!:) Can't wait to read more about your travels. Blessings.:)

blessedmomto8 said...

Looks like such a blast! We are still holding your spot on the farm in KS!