Sunday, January 3, 2010

Picture Was Taken At The........

Croton Dam
on the Hudson

Where New York city gets it's water supply. And I have to say that Croton on Hudson's tap water is the best tap water ever!
I don't usually drink tap but was thirsty and had no water bottles. I mentioned how good it tasted and was told it won an award for best tap water.
Just some Snapple lid info for you:)

We never made it up to Niagara Falls:( But we hope to sometime.

I'm beginning to think this trip is a big family reunion. Maybe God's plan right now is to travel around and meet up with long lost family and heal relationships???
Who knows, but in the last 6 weeks we have met family in Texas, Georgia and now New York. Family that I haven't seen in more than 15+years! Now, I have new relationships with them and so does the rest of the family.

Croton on Hudson is located in up state New York where my family (who I had no idea they lived there) lives:) We stayed with them for a couple days and they took us around and fed us A LOT of yummy Italian food! We got to take lonnnnnnnng hot showers and sit by the fire! Things that are now a treat for us:)

I never knew I had so many cousins! It's my mom's side of the family. Big Italian family! Apparently I was told I have family all over New York.

I got to hear stories about my Great Grandparents and met family I never knew I had. (I will post more pictures of everyone on another post)

What a great way to ring in the New Year!

I think we will have to go back when this trip is over.
Maybe sign my husband up for this school.
Then we can travel the world!
Who knows??:)

My Grandma did for 9 months!


Laurel said...

When we took our first road trip 5.5 years ago, we met some of my hubby's family that he didn't know he had. He had met 1 of the uncles ... 35 years ago. They were so excited to meet us. We visited again 2 years later ... and now our Big Kids keep in touch with their cousins on Facebook. It's wonderful to build relationships with family. Jim's family is a Big Greek Family ... so they do LOTS of yummy food just like the Italians. :)

Laurel & the gang

Nicholle said...

breathtaking! In Sunny So Cal the high today is 76. lol

Leah said...

OK, I have to know how you get all 7 of you in pictures??? Do you ask people to take the pictures for you? The country you are seeing is so beautiful! Memories of a lifetime!

Nicole said...

I found your blog by accident...that being said I Love love love to read about your adventures. How lucky you all are to be able to do this!!! Im so jealous. Your pictures are beautiful, you have a gorgeous family. Good luck on the rest of your journey, can't wait to read what tomorrow brings.

ktarbell43 said...

These pictures are stunningly beautiful.