Monday, January 4, 2010

Statue Of Liberty

Happy Birthday to my sister Brenda! Enjoy your birthWEEK! We love and miss you very much!
Before we even left on our trip, the only thing Landen wanted to see was the Statue of Liberty.
(I don't know why ha!) He saw a picture in a book. So to make him feel special we bought him this silly hat to wear. And boy did he feel special:) $2.50 to make his day!
Went to Ellis Island and listen to an audio tour. Very interesting! If those women could travel with all their kids, I can do it with mine! I am working on tracking my family. My great Aunt (who I met in NY)talked to a man who came across the boat from Italy into Ellis Island with my great, great, Grandparents Rose and Anthony. I love family history!

We took the ferry to see the statue and it was freezing!!!!!!!

The kids did the Jr. Ranger program at both Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

The girls cheeks were turning blue it was so cold! The veins in their face were showing. So we left and headed back to our warm RV. Our taco soup was waiting for us in the crock pot. We read about the history of the Statue of Liberty and how big it is etc.

Taco Soup
1lb of ground beef
1 onion
1pck of taco seasoning
1pck. of dry ranch dressing
4oz. diced green chili's
1 can kidney beans
15oz. corn
1 can pinto beans
2-3 cans of diced tomatoes
Brown meat in pan and add chopped onion.
Once meat is fully cooked add to crock pot along with ALL other ingred.
Cook on low (go out and have fun)
Serve with Fritos and cheese sprinkled on top.


Mallory said...

Taco Soup is a family favorite at our house! We love it!! That's our exact recipe too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the recipe! I am sooooo going to make it. I was trying to think of what to make tomorrow and it turns out I have all those ingredients. yeah!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are all absolutely beautiful and what you are doing with them is just amazing. They are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Yea for Taco Soup! It is so filling and so tasty! And warm in my belly! xxoo Ice Queen

Krystyn's Momma said...

Bridget...Check out this blog for other delish crockpot recipes!!! Safe and happy travels!

Love you!