Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Guessed It......

Tonya at Live the Adventure guessed exactly where we were. (a FOTR friend)

Just to let you know I usually post a , "Where Are We Wednesday" a few days after we left the spot. (for our families safety) and for the fact I can't keep up with all the exciting things we are doing.

We were crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky from Cincinnati... I actually took this picture from the Underground Railroad Museum.

We learned how the Ohio River played a big part in helping slaves escape.

Slaves who dreamed of freedom secretly crossed to the north side of the Ohio River.

This is a picture of the kids in front of a "real" slave pin. It was owned by Anderson a slave holder. We met a man that took the time to teach the kids about how Anderson did business. Very sad.
We learned about Henry "Box" Brown.
A slave that devised a plan to have himself shipped to a free state in a box.

Daddy trying to see how Mr. Brown felt in the box.

Runaways would often is the kids finding a place to hide.
We read about Rosa Parks.

These cute girly twins would of let Rosa share a seat with them on the bus.


Shannon said...

I am so glad you post later... I have wondered if there might be some lurkers out there. Stay smart. Watch carefully anyone you meet. ;) Sorry, I'm playing mother hen.... but always be safe. I am loving all your adventures and that you are sharing them with us all.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Yay! We've traveled that path enough to know just where you were!:) We've not been to the Underground Railroad Museum though- looks like it was a fun learning experience for your family. !Loved the pic of your husband in the crate. Not sure if my hubby would have crawled in or not, but I'm thinking the answer is yes. Thanks for the link! Blessings!:)

Rebecca Lynn said...

I would love to see you do a post on what a typical day looks like INSIDE your RV. LIke do you have a washer and dryer in there? Do you have a schedule for school? How do you plan your meals while on the road? Yes, I'm wierd.But I would like to know how you manage everything and everyone and looks so darn cute doing it!!!LOL
I think it is so neat reading about your adventure. CHEERS!