Monday, January 4, 2010

Just some Californians excited about snow......

Our cousins took us out for some fun in the snow....

The dare devil!
After this we saw him at the top of the hill standing on it (snowboarding down)
I didn't get a picture and I didn't want him to do it again so I could! ha!
(We did get video)
If only you could see half the footage on that tape LOL!
This might of been more fun than Disney world and it was FREE!
My 4 yr old (going on 16) and my 2 yr old keeping up with him. Lord help me!
He was yelling, "whoo hoo yeah, baby!"
He made his own little jump because just plain sledding doesn't cut it with him.
Finley enjoying her first sled ride.
Cousin Courtney and the girls......
Faith (my cautious one) Farrah (my wild one!) Can you tell?

First time meeting Courtney. I think her and Faith look a little alike. She is Faith's 4th cousin...I think??? Such a sweetie! She was my buddy helping me with the babies. She begged us to stay, so I promised to fly her out this summer and take her to the beach:) She says she will babysit and even change poopy diapers...she's so cute!
It was all good until.....
Guess who crashed???

But he did get some nice air!
And, no staples were involved with the making of this post:)


Laurel said...

Looks like a TON of FUN!

mama of many :)

Brianna said...

haha leave it to Landen. Guess who would have been right there with him sliding down that hill...AVEN his twin :)

Susan said...

so cute, bridget! (and i am totally in love with your new headers - the picture and the verse)

i'm glad your family is having fun and out memory hunting. i hope that the best is yet to come :)

Loni's World said...

How cute that you capture their personalities in their pics, I can always tell those two are your little daredevils by the look on their faces :)

Looks like fun!

See now you have a summer babysitter :) she can babysit while you enjoy the summer lol