Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss......

Or is it?
As I sat there and looked up the nutrition information on the pumpkin muffin I'd just shoveled down my throat.
It had a whopping 530 calories, 20 fat grams and 80 carbohydrates! Stunned, I wondered why I would ever want to know this information?
Why did I look this up?
Now I wouldn't be able to eat my pumpkin muffin in good conscience ever again!
Ignorance is bliss. Or is it?
If I didn't know this nutritional information I would eat the muffin thinking that because it contains vegetable, it must be good for me! Yes, I'll keep telling myself that.
Just like Juicy Juice is 100% juice and is good for my kids ha!
But the truth is, eating a pumpkin muffin every day for the rest of my life might lead to some serious consequences.
Heart disease, obesity, lack of energy and diabetes could be in my future. Now that I'm in the know, I can't deny the potential negative affects this could have. I have a responsibility and a decision to make, whether I like it or not.

Same goes with the information we get from movies like Food Inc.
We can ignore it or we can do something about it.
While visiting with Frank and Sue in KY they gave us homeschoolers a little lesson on health.
(standard american diet)

Frank explained how most of the stuff I've been feeding my kids isn't good for them. Which I do try to feed my children healthy, but I must admit I wasn't fully educated. I am started to read up and educate myself in eating and living more healthy!
We don't drink coke. Except my husband, he drinks it like water. Which I have always hated!
Well after 10 years of nagging him to stop. Just one lesson and demonstration from Frank..Justin is coke free:)
He had his last coke on Saturday! It's a miracle!

and I'm always trying to get more fruits and vegetables down my husband....I try to hide veggies in his food and all.
10 years of fighting and what does Frank do....
Gets him to drink a spinach shake! And he loved it!

Similarly, for some people it's easier to pretend God isn't real, hell is made up. But when we are faced with the reality that there is a God who we are accountable to, there is a hell, and evil is present, we know we have some decisions to make. Instead of living in denial, we need to accept that ignorance is not bliss and it's not doing us any favors. So we need to search for truth about God in the pages of His Word.
Scripture is the one place where we can be sure we will find all we need to know about God. However, many folks try to figure out God without the Bible. They want a god on their terms.

This reminds me of diets that promise extreme weight loss while eating whatever you want without exercising. We would be in denial if we believed those promises. To lose weight, you have to know the nutritional value of food, work out regularly, and not eat pumpkin muffins every day! It's a conscious decision to daily invest in our health and there are no short cuts.

"Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn't worship Him as God or even give Him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused." Romans 1:21-22

Denying God's existence is not going to change the fact that He is there either. Ignorance is not bliss - it is ignorance.
We must make a conscious decision daily to invest in our spiritual health through learning about God through time in the Bible. We must connect and remain with Him. With God's Word lighting our path, we are armed with truth, so we can make informed decisions that will help us grow, not lead us into deception.
Which this world is full of deception!!!

We are in the know and will strive to work on our spiritual health as well as our physical health.

Now, I'm off to go make my family a spinach, avocado and strawberry shake.

Love, the new juicer:)

If you have any information you would like to share on eating more healthy or any blogs you have come across...please share in comment section!


Kate said...

Hi, the resident non-believer chiming in. :)

It's not the disbelief in god is ignorance. Disbelief in god exists because there is lack of solid, scientific evidence to prove it. Us atheists aren't hiding our heads in the sand, but rather, we're taking in ALL the evidence that exists around us and arriving at a different conclusion... there is no god.

Religion has existed since the time of early man. It's usefulness (explaining the unexplained, and superstition) has worn out its welcome. We are a society based on science. As we learn more, our eyes are opened to the possibility that we exist because of something larger than us. That might not be the Christian god, or even a creator at all. We don't know.

My main point is that disbelief in a creator does not = ignorance. Promise. I know the bible backwards and forwards and THOROUGHLY enjoy studying religion. :)

BTW, if you do come to visit in Colorado, I would NEVER have a conversation like this in front of your kiddos. As much as I enjoy talking religion, I do so only with non-argumentative adults. :) I respect your desire to raise your kids as you see feel and am proud of what a good mom you are to them. :)


Braley Mama said...

That was a great devotion! Especially about people wanting God on their terms. It took me many years to figure out that I needed a real relationship with Him, thru prayer and His word.

I can not believe that is how old that food is, gross!

Meghan said...

If you want to get healthy real fast read Skinny Bitch. I promise you will never want to eat bad in your life again.

I can honeslty say it changed my life. Sometimes I wish I never read it.

Courtney said...

Haha! I drink soda like water too! I have cut back significantly but still have at least 1 a day. It seems like your road schooling is going by so fast! You seem to be really enjoying it too.

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Ick!!! Thanks for sharing... Now, do tell what Frank had to say about Juicy Juice. My big kids are enjoying a Juicy Juice box as a rare treat right now! :)

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

HI Bridget!
I almost threw up when I saw the un-moldy meal older than Ethan and Baby Madeline!

I wold love to hear about what you learned there! Any tips you might have! I have a bunch of nutrition stuff I can email you!

And I agree! Those "fad" diets promising effortless weight-loss, are such deception! In the same way the Christians think a "sunday Only" mentality will grow us in our relationship with God!

This are really quite backwards if you look at it.
Society stuffs their faces with nothing but junk! All while allowing their spirit man to become malnourished!

Love ya! Tara

Kristi said...

Who are Frank and Sue and where did you visit in KY?

Sarah said...

Okay, I want to hear more about what Frank said! Yikes ... this is totally one of those subjects that I often choose (partial) ignorance. It just feels like so much work, to make the right choices in eating more healthfully - even though we do eat pretty healthfully, compared to most, I know we could do SO much better.
I'm anxious to see if anyone has good links, etc. And if you get a chance to post more about what you learned, or to post links, I'm definitely interested in learning more!
Aaannd ... juicer?! Yay! What kind did you get? And do you have any yummy recipes to share? ;)

Valerie said...

Bridget, I loved and hated the documentary Food Inc. all at the same time! It and several other "enlightening" things have helped us totally change our eating habits. Hop on board, its a long journey!

Kate, I see what your saying girl. I was once there myself. However, Science does not disprove God. As much as we would like to think we live in a scientifically free society, we do not. There is lots of science that is "not allowed" to be talked about, for political, personal, and religious reasons. IF you truly want to be scientific, then you must do what true science is all about, and look at ALL sides and form your conclusion or theory, based on all evidence around you. No good scientist would throw out possible hypothesis, just because they were told "its not possible". But that's just it, we are told in colleges and universities, that God is not possible, therefore when evidence shows itself against certain types of evolution then it is thrown out.
If you want to be a person of knowledge then see all sides. you can check out...
*Unlocking the Mysteries of life
*Icons of Evolution
*Creatures that defy Evolution

Marsha said...

That came from the Proverbs 31 devotional, huh Bridget? I saved that one too because it spoke to me so clearly. I have Food Nation: same types of principals as Frank's demo. Also good to see is Supersize Me, a documentary where a guy eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days. You cannot believe what it did to his body (inside and out.) Doctors did a full blood panel before and wasn't just a weight gain, but it was serious, long term effects that took 18 months to undo! 30 days of fast food eating took 18 months to undo! The doctors actually kept advising him after about 17 or 18 days on the fast food program to stop...they were seriously concerned that he might have a heart attack.

I personally can't say I'll never have another chocolate chip cookie again in my entire life (or french fry for that matter) and although I'd LOVE to eat completely organically and purely, it's just not realistic for me. "Organic" is not really "organic." If we are really going to do the most for ourselves, we should all be raising every bite of our own food. That is just not realistic for me. (BTW, a tomato today has 40% less nutrition than it did 30 years ago.)

Just read another great devotional from Proverbs 31 that talks about the little decisions we make (about diet or spiritual things) can really become big....because they can have big consequences.

And to Kate: I was exactly where you are at one time. Many scientists are atheists because they need "proof" of God. May I gently suggest in your willingness to debate, that you read some books by Lee Strobel? He, too, was a scientist and atheist who set out to disprove the existence of God. You might be interested to see the results of his efforts.

Enjoying your blogs, Bridget!!!! Be safe and we can't wait to visit with you when you return....

antoinettelafair said...

Hi Bridget,
Great post. I see we share a few things in common - love for travel; love for children; love for God; and desire to learn how to eat healthy. It's one of my favorite studies.

You asked me on my blog where you could get that dvd - Journey Home - someone left me a comment that they got theirs on NetFlick. I don't know much about that, never ordered from there, but I thought you might be savvy about it so I am passing it on.

I do think I left a link on my blog and it will take you to Amazon (I think). If you have trouble locating it, let me know and I'll research it. Mine was given to me :)

Who designed your blog?
I'm wanting to do mine different but I'm at loss as what to do.

(I sent you an email)

J said...

Green smoothies!!! OH YUM! We like them with spinach and pineapple and/or pears, plus a banana thrown in there. My kids even love them!

What neat adventures you're having!

Jennifer said...

Hi there - I have been reading your blog for a month or so ;-) We have 6 little ones (12 and under) and have been planning to full-time for about 10 years! We are doing it this year - selling our home in the spring and leaving by December....the kids and I looked at bunches of your pix yesterday - they are so excited!! If you are headed to Colorado, please email me ( are in Littleton and would love to meet! We are Christian homeschoolers too ;-) BTW, you can get A Journey Home from Franklin Springs Media. We have it and bunches of their other movies as well! Have fun!!

Following Forward said...

Bridget- so funny I just read this because I just had a convo about Food Inc, saw a whole Oprah show about it and I am taking a trip to Whole Foods this morning to do some research...I am with ya! I was so grossed out to find out what is really in our "food".

I understand where you are coming from....check out the book or dvd series "The Case For A Creator" by Lee Strobel. I found that all science does in fact lead to God and what he has written in his word! It is fascinating!

Kate said...

Thank you all for the reading recommendations. I'm open to any and all ideas and possibilities. :)

Karla said...

Excellent post, Bridget! I appreciate how you tied it all together....

I know something that has made a difference for me, healthwise: forgoing dairy. I gave it up almost 4 years ago, when my daughter ended up having a milk allergy. She and I have never felt better! I am also a real proponent of "real food" (not processed), and flaxseed meal is a nutritional powerhouse.

Google Robyn O' Brien. She has an eye-opening website and book!

Aimie said...

I was giggling the whole read!!! I cant wait to eat with you guys when you get back!! Were you thinking of me while you were listening to Frank??? LOL!! Love this post!!:)

kristina16marie said...

i feel the same way about processed foods and vaccines. i know too much now. i can no longer give those things to my kids and claim ignorance. good for you for speaking out. i just watched the oprah episode tonight and look forward to seeing that movie soon. i wished that oprah had explored gmo foods and what they're all about.

i hope you are enjoying your pampered chef deep covered baker, i love that it helps people make homecooked meals...just faster than our mom's & grandma's did! let's get everyone back to the dinner table & away from the drive-thru!

luv u bridgie!

crazymamaof3 said...

Ha..ignornace is bliss when it comes to me watching that FOOD dvd..I kow it'll change my life so I'll avoid it..LOL Just kidding its actually sitting on top of the DVD player and we're going to watch it soon..yikes!

Adrienne said...

I am also trying to change the way my family eats. It started because our income was suddenly cut by half. I had to focus on cooking at home more, instead of eating out all the time! Now that I am looking more carefully at what I buy, I am REALLY looking closer. I watched Michael Pollan on Oprah last week and ran out to get his book, "Food Rules." He has a sensible way of looking at food. I know it is going to be difficult, but I am looking forward to changing my family by focusing on the food God has provided for us to eat...not scientists. I am still a HUGE work in progress, so pleas share what you find.