Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cute Cadets

Our visit to West Point

We started our visit by watching a movie on West Point history. We learned about admissions too. Then we walk through the museums.

We went along with our cousins. This is cousin Luke, he's also 10 yrs. old.

Austin and Luke enjoyed all the artillery

Major Cutie!


The Zoo Keeper said...

my nephew is a 3rd year cadet at west point
do you know someone there

Rossie said...

I must say again, thankyou so much for sharing all of this...I have been letting my kiddos read along with me and we are all seeing and learning things we may never get to experience in real life. Although, I believe I have mentioned a motorhome trip around the US a time or two to Phil (my hubby) ;) Ya just never know!!
Blessings, Rossie

I am blessed! said...

How fun! I would love for us to take our kids on a tour of West Point!

Laurel said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!

My kids all LOVE their army gear ... big brother joined the army 6 years ago, so we've had LOTS of army gear around.

mama of many :)

Aislinn said...

I love the small uniforms!! Want something educational from Germany let me know!!

blessedmomto8 said...