Thursday, February 5, 2009

Would You Like Rolls With That?

Last night I was getting dinner ready. I popped it in the oven then forgot all about it...

Would any one like some rolls to go along with Bridget's famous burnt meatloaf?

Burnt of not my kids cring at my meatloaf.
So this morning I made it up to them.
It's amazing what some strawberries and a little whip cream will do.
I was told over and over how I'm the best mom! Maybe I will add whip cream to my meatloaf??

I leave tomorrow morning with some friends. I call them my (homeschool hotties) They don't wear praire skirts either. We are going to The Whole Hearted Mother's Conference in Irvine. I can't wait! They are amazing women of God and I'm so blessed they continue to put up with me. We got a hotel and are planning to spend some fun time without our kids for once. I will miss them but I'm sure this Conference will refreshing. The theme this year is Smiling at the Future with Faith and Building Your Heart and Home on Solid Foundations. See you Monday! Have a good weekend I know I will:)


Brianna said...

Wow those rolls are some of the best cooking I've seen from you. No wonder your kids like staying over at my house and never want to leave. haha jk

Jo Jo said...

At least you attempt to cook! I buy those ready made rotisserie chicken's at the market and Noah eats that for lunch and dinner almost every day!!!
Have fun on your weekend away...will you be completely kid free or are you taking Finley?

Loni's World said...

LOL-As long as you send them to someone else for home ec you are ok haha.

Have fun this weekend!

Courtney said...

HAHA Whats that joke??? The husband told his wife honey, the timer means the food is done cooking, not the fire alarm, jk!

ktarbell43 said...

My husband said, "Tell Bridget they look like chocolate donuts from a distant.

Hollie said...

too funny! i burnt the cheese on the top of my sheperd's pie today!

hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!