Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't Come A Knockin' If You See The Trailer Rockin'.......

Oh get your mind out of the gutter!
The rv is rocking back and forth right now from the WIND. And I'm trying to catch up on blogging while everyone else is sleeping.
But can I just say, what is with the names of cities in Pennsylvania?

I was just looking at our list of things we have planned and we will be visiting some other towns with names like Blue Balls and Virginville. And in Amish towns too? Who thought of these names?
Sorry! I know I try to keep this a clean blog but I just had to ask.ha!

After spending 10 days in New Jersey, New York and a trip to Boston we are now in Pennsylvania. It's windy and freezing! It says it's 14 degrees with a windchill of -1 degrees.
So cold it takes your breath away.

It's been hard to find time to blog. I'm trying to get back to posting daily.
We had quite the surprise detour in the last couple days:) I have so much to catch up on and can't wait to share stories and pictures with you.
But for now I'll leave you with this picture.

Can you guess where this pictures was taken?


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

The title caught my attention. :) And you're married with a heap of children, so you can talk like that. :) We woke up this morening in MI and it's 4 degrees! I can only imagine the wind chill. YIKES!!

Shannon said...

I really have no idea, but I am going to guess Niagara Falls. ???

And yeah, the names of those places are crazy. Why would those get voted in by a community?.... but that is like asking why about things like Hitler staying in power, right?! People obviously just sit back and go with the flow instead of taking a stand for their beliefs.... and most people really don't have a solid belief system or rock solid foundation of beliefs.

I have always wanted to got to the Amish country... if it was not so far from Texas I might be there right now, but we made it as far as Hot Springs, Arkansas instead. Maybe soon! YOU have me wanting to travel even more!!! I am even looking at a bus to buy before we go home... but my husband thinks the idea is crazy! {not a school bus... a small passenger bus.... perfect for travelling with kiddos... but hubby thinks it is wacko... that could be because he is not the one hoping all over a small Toyota van to attend to the needs of kiddos. ;) }

Joy said...

That's hilarious! So glad you're keeping a healthy sense of humor even in the cold!

Anonymous said...

Is that the Hudson river? Did you drive through CT?! =( I hope I didn't miss you guys. There isn't too much to do here, though!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I'm with Shannon, I also thought of Niagara Falls, the bridge spanning from the US to Canada? We walked across it in much warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

I think we should be careful before casting judgment upon the people in Lancaster County, PA and comparing the people to keeping Hitler in power.

These names date back to the 1800s. Blue Ball is after the Blue Ball Hotel which stood for over 200 years. Intercourse received its name in 1814. There are several theories concerning the origin of the name, but it was not sexual in nature.

Maybe we should learn more before casting judgment . . .

Anonymous said...

PS: I thought that Bridget had a great attitude about the names. (Similar to when my family would visit Lancaster.) We would giggle and then discuss how and when they received their names. We would think about the meaning of words when the towns were named.

Karla said...

So glad to hear you are in our beautiful state! (I kindly apologize for the frigid weather and questionable town names! :))

Bridget, I look forward to reading your blog each day and hearing about where you are and how you are doing. You and your family are truly an inspiration!

My guess for where you are in the picture: Skaneatles, New York?? (I hope so! It's one of our favorite places and very well worth visiting.)

Stay warm!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Bridge to Freedom?

family4god said...

Fontana Dam

Sara said...

Ok, your post makes me laugh... it looks like the bridge near Niagara Falls... my daughter dropped her pacifier over that bridge and we still talk about her Nuky over Niagara:) Praying that your trip is blessed and that you stay warm.
God's Peace<><

thewoj said...

I guess family4god was closest. I'd say the top of the Croton Dam.


The Trendy Homemaker said...

Either the bridge across the susquenna river in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, or the Wrightsville bridge in York Pennsylvania..

Deb said...

Hello Bridget

It was great to meet you at the creation museum. I pray your journey is going well. Did you see Ken Ham's blog?

God Bless
Deb Minnard