Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Trot

Austin wanted to race in Upland's 1st Annual Turkey Trot. So, the two of us got up at 6:30am and showed up ready to run. He ran the 1K and came in first place. He's excited that he gets to be in the city newspaper:)

running through the finish line.

Upland High School's track coach announcing Austin

Then I raced in the 5K. There was about 200 people. My goal was just not to finish last haha! I finished 96th. (half the runners were on the h.s. track team) I surprised myself, I had more endurance than I thought. Austin also ran in the 5K too! He did really good and we had fun doing it together. Then we went to grandma's and ate and ate and ate... at least I didn't feel too guilty!

Austin holding up 1st loser! (next year it's on)

right after we finished!

Us on our way to grandma's.

Finley's 1st Thanksgiving


Hollie said...

Tell me right now where you got that dress! I LOVE it! You look beautiful!

Julie said...

I just ran a 5k a week before Thanksgiving. I didn't know how out of shape I was and how many things giggle when I run.. I came in 35th. Next 5k lets run it together.