Saturday, November 29, 2008


Every year we go to Logan's candies in Ontario to get candy canes. A couple years ago we watched how they make candy canes. It's been awhile so I thought it would be fun to take the kids back to watch it again. The owners are really sweet Christian people. They tell the story of the candy cane while they are making it.

yummy and sticky!

Then we usually eat our candy canes and walk Jesus on Euclid. (kind of scary at night,not in the best area) Justin and I go through the story with the kids but this year Austin told the story as we walked through each one.

The 4 wise men

This reminds me of a story:
When Austin was about 3 years old, we went to my in-law's house after going to Jesus on Euclid. We walked in the door to their house and Austin was so excited he yelled, " I SAW JESUS!" It was so funny...They just looked at Justin and I a little confused and said, "Hallelujah!"
My in-law's weren't the only one's he told that too. He would tell strangers, "I SAW JESUS." They would look at him kinda wierd. LOL.. I would just shrug my shoulders and smile:)


francis said...

great post. thanks!

Melissa said...

Awesome post! What a great traditon!!

kristina16marie said...

I remember going there once when I was in girl scouts! It's one of my favorite Christmas-time memories!

Anonymous said...

wonderful memories for me....we always strolled thru Euclid Ave....I need to take my children...thank you and Merry Christmas!