Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shake Out..Poop And All

My grandma called me this morning at 9:56 and asked if we were going to participate in the Shake Out. I didn't know what she was talking about at first but then I remembered hearing about it on the news a couple weeks ago.
It's a drill taking place at 10 a.m. on November 13, 2008, millions of people in homes, schools, businesses, government offices, and public places all over southern California will Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Why? An enormous earthquake is in our future, and the ShakeOut Drill is our chance to practice what to do when it happens.

Why is important to do a Drop, Cover, Hold On drill? Just as with anything, to act quickly you must practice, practice, practice. In a big earthquake, there may be very little time to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down or drops something on you. Most earthquakes have a sharp jolt a few seconds before the strong shaking, and we need to Drop, Cover, Hold On immediately when we feel the jolt. By practicing we will act quickly, rather than waiting to see if the earthquake will be large. If it is, it may be too late to protect yourself.

So, with that said, I yelled, "Earthquake! Earthquake!" Faith was making waffles in the kitchen, Austin was reading on the couch, Landen was going poo on the toilet, Farrah was in her play pin and Finley in the crib. They all thought it was real. Faith started crying and ran under the kitchen table. Austin grabbed Finely and lay ed on top of her under the table. Landen just screamed from the toilet and I picked him up poop and all and ran. I grabbed Farrah on the way and we dropped, covered and held on. Then Austin looked at me and said he didn't feel any shaking.
Then they were like mom , why did you do that????Why did you scare us like that??? I just told them I wanted them to be prepared. They did a good job and know they know what to do if the real one happens.

P.S. Now I have put a reward on which kid finds the diamond. They are all out back crawling in the grass.


kristina16marie said...

I certainly don't miss that about California. People here in Texas think it's so interesting when I tell them about all the earthquakes I've been through and how it feels.

Good luck on finding your diamond! If you open up the reward to people other than your family members, you might get more people scouring the backyard! I know I'd be out there looking!

Heather said...

Oh Austin is too sweet to lay on top of the baby to protect her! And I for one miss earthquakes, although my friends here in VA think I'm crazy :D

Good luck finding your diamond!!!

Anonymous said...

very smart of you :) I don't think my little family is quite as prepared :)