Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock On!

What's cooler than going to a concert with your mommy and daddy? Nothing! haha! Thanks to our friends we met on the "love boat" the church cruise we went on a couple years ago. We were able to take Austin to the Jeremy Camp concert. We are so thankful for meeting such a sweet couple. Taleah and I have a lot in common and so do our husbands! Check out her blog for a good laugh. She is known as Confessions Mama. She has two children 13 months apart and has some really funny stories. (Now who would be so crazy to have kids so close together) haha! Taleah was able to get us tickets to Jeremy Camp's release party for his new CD "Speaking Louder Than Before." This is one of Austin's favorite artists. Since Austin has been playing guitar he even has even more respect for his music. We were about 5 rows back from the stage. It was an awesome concert and I'm glad my son still thinks it's cool to rock out with his parents!
Thank you Ricky and Taleah!

Singing: "Take My Life"

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