Friday, November 21, 2008

Forging Signatures...Again!

I have a feeling I will be forging signatures again this year. Shhhhhh! don't tell my kids. Every year their Christmas lists are filled with unreasonable gifts. For example a couple years ago Faith asked for a pink guitar signed by Faith Hill. So, I did what any mother would do I got it for her. Well, kind of I found a pink guitar and (forged) signed Faith Hills name to it. She loved it and still thinks to this day she has a guitar signed by Faith Hill. I know, that's bad and someday I will tell her (whens she's older and has kids of her own)
This year Austin wants a football signed by Ladamon Tomlinson. Since I do not have that kind of money and don't know Mr. Tomlison personally I am going to have to forge a football. Hey, I'm just trying to make my kids have a great Christmas:)


Brianna said...

Yeah I'll have to tell them when there older that the Santa that writes them letters every year was really their aunt Brianna. Speaking of that I better get hot on my letters. haha

Jen said...

That is too funny. The things we do for our kids!:)

fairyluver said...

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Keep typing cause we're all luvin' your blog!!

4kidscrazy said...

you are so funny that is something i would do. just check the spelling i think it is spelled diffrently lol. that would be funny to forge it with the wrong name.