Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mommy Loves Her Pumpkins!

I think I've had too much candy and the sugar is affecting Finley. She's is all smiles and acting giddy:)


Brianna said...

Those outfits look cute on them :)

Rochelle said...

HOLYCOW!! They are so cute!! I cannot even believe how smiley finney is! :)
She's such a doll--
k, so i'm crazy, but I already want another girl-- Kiah isn't even out of my tummy yet, but I want her to have a sister-- I"M LOSING MY WEIGHT BEFORE I DO THIS AGAIN, but YES-- I'm seriously thinking we need to move so we can have baby #4... then i think i'm done--unless i get another boy-ahhh.. this is just crazy talk now-- lol

:corinne: said...

Oh my freakin goodness, these pics are absolutely adorable! I'm it. Great scrappin pics...(once a scrapper always a scrapper)

The Tello Family said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute!