Monday, November 17, 2008

Bye, Bye Tonsils

Today Faith had her pre-op. She's getting her tonsils and adenoids removed tomorrow morning. (Please keep her in prayer) She has sleep apnea and the biggest tonsils the doctor has ever seen! Poor child, I wonder how she even eats. Anyways, after all her pre-op stuff we headed to get our nails done. (Gotta look pretty in surgery right?)
She takes after her mommy, too many choices??????
It takes her forever to decide what color to pick......

She ended up picking out hot pink with bright blue and glitter! wooo hooo!

Here is her list of why she is Fabulous!
I am fabulous because:
I just am!
I have a fabulous mom (oh yeah)
I am a real princess my father is a king (Jesus)
I have a fabulous new hair cut.
I wear jewelry everyday
I wear glasses and contacts
I'm the oldest girl in the family.
I can play the violin and sing
I am a good artist.
I can also make cool stuff out of trash

Speaking of cool stuff...The winner of the Capri Sun contest is :
Danielle and Michael Weden from Duarte CA.
Thank you so much for your letter and picture. I'm glad you had fun collecting all those Capri Suns:)
Faith will ship you out a purse/bag in the next couple weeks. As soon as she recovers she will be back to sewing.
And to everyone else who sent us Capri Sun's thank you! We have over 300!


Loni's World said...

300! wow that is great.
I am mailing you 89 tomorrow! (Ok, so I have an issue mailing things out lol I dont know why but I always forget!)

Anonymous said...

I will keep your little girl in my prayers :) How fun, I love getting my nails done with my little girl too :)

Hollie said...

"I can make cool stuff out of trash".....Love it!

What a cutie, I love her nail polish color choice!

The Tello Family said...

I can't believe how grown up she is getting. Where is that chubby happy baby girl smiling at me from her high chair? Sigh... I'm getting old :( She is so beautiful! I will say prayers for her. Good luck tomorrow Faith! You will do fabulous :)

Brianna said...

Poor Faith she is so tuff she told me on the phone today that she's not even scared :)

debbie said...

Faith, Nannie P loves you very much. I will be praying for you. I am so proud of you. The Lord will be with you the whole time. Love you.

Abbi said...

hope everything goes well! keep lots of ice cream!!! that always makes things better! we'll be praying for her!

Jody said...

I will pray for Faith! I had that surgery my jr. year in college and it didn't go so well (fluke thing)...I'll tell you about it after she has hers :) I know she'll do fine! You guys are too cute...I think its great that you take her to do fun things like getting her nails done! I didn't get to do that till adulthood! haha :) Hope you are well!

Lesley said...

How exciting! I can’t wait to tell the children tonight that all their hard work and mad juice drinking skills have paid off!!! (I’m sure their dentist will be equally excited! ha-ha) We heard the news that Miss Faith made it to recovery… such an awesome, brave girl! Our thoughts are with her as she continues to heal and milk the situation for all it’s worth! :)