Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Star Game

Austin with some of his fans:) Austin's team won 12-6.

During the game Faith was under the bleachers talking with a group of girls. I walked over to see what was going on and she was flipping her hair acting all "cool". Then I noticed something on her ear. LOL her dad's old blue tooth.

My sister's and I were laughing so hard when we realized her jean skirt still had laundry detergent stuck to the back...I'm such a bad mom, my poor child! I guess that's what happens when your trying to catch up on vacation laundry the fast way by stuffing a washer full of jeans.

1 comment:

Kadi said...

Yay Austin!!
We have more eggs incubating and she's pregnant again. She takes after us. You'd better tell Austin to make room for another!!

Faith's little blue tooth stunt...that is soooo Marlie!!
I can't wait until they start stuffing their bras. Now that's comedy!!