Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hoping For A Miracle

Yesterday while clearing the dinner table, I looked down at my wedding ring and noticed that the big diamond on it was missing! My heart sank! I hate that feeling. Justin said not to worry because he had purchased the life time diamond bond warranty. So, we left the kitchen a mess and everyone jumped in the car and headed to the mall to fix mommies ring. Well what do you know, the store we purchased the ring at has gone bankrupt and the company no longer in business. The life time warranty is a worthless piece of paper. Great! So we are busy looking for a diamond today!
Where could it be???? My husband told me to back track my day..hmmmmmm It could be in a dirty diaper,in the pile of laundry, in any of the 5 beds, the garden, the garage, the car, costco, the shower..... It could be anywhere! Let's just say if I find it, it will be a miracle.


Brianna said...

again..I blame faith ha jk.

Heather said...

Oh no! How sad :( I'm praying that you find it!!!

Loni's World said...

Ok Lets have hope here!
My friend lost her diamond the day after her wedding, She was crushed, I guess her brother asked to see her ring and she pulled her hand out of her jacket pocket and it was gone! She searched everywhere including the jacket, she ended up getting it replaced and three months later she was at work and stuck her hand in her jacket pocket and felt a rock or something. It was her diamond!!! 3 months later and several washings of that jacket and it was still there :)
I hope that gives you a little bit of positive thinking.
I hope you find it! Sorry to hear about that company. :(

fairyluver said...

I hope you do find it...I know that feeling...Last year My diamond came off my ring as well and I thought for sure it had fallen in the parking lot that I was at earlier that day....Well I never found it that day or the next...but three months later when I started my spring cleaning I found the diamond still it's it's setting behind the fridge...Can you believe it...I hope you also have a diamond angel by yoour side!!
It seems like three months is the lucky time frame.